Sunday, April 4, 2010

Feel Great

My posting in Cancer Compass :-

1st April 2010 :- (,45526,0.htm )
Sleeping in hospital bed and wake up at 2 a.m. and can't sleep again is no fun .
Thanks to all your posting here to give me strenght .
Feel great now and looking forward to a good scanning in the morning .
Anyway, I hate the fasting , As I can't eat for until about 11 am with the schedule CT for lung on 9 am and brain MRI 10.30 am .
Looking forward to the good result by noon today .

2nd April 2010 :- (,45555,0.htm )
Finally I get my CT and MRI scan all settle by late morning yesterday and can happily enjoy my breakfast after a long fasting.
But, the long wait for hours waiting for the report make me feel tire and boring.
At last the report was out , 5 1/2 months after the last chemo, the CT lung show stable , no major changes to the size and quantity of tumor ( it is just like all the past report since '08 )
With the advice from oncologist, I decided to take brain MRI and CT scan for neck + abdomen to confirm whether any sign of metastasis, since my CEA reading ( as per blood test 3 days ago ) show going up to new level of 1400+ .
Great result, scanning show no sign of any metastasis .
Praise the Lord for his healing , blessing and always answering our prayer .
Thanks all of you for all great encouraging message posting , it keep me be positive .
And have to thanks my loving and caring wife, who take care of me with love and great support. For many people, they will wonder why am I so happy, when there is no improvement after 22 months of treatment .
But, for me, it is a good news when the condition is under control ; I can eat well , sleep well , moving around freely , travel , enjoy my family life ( which I hv missed so much for the past with crazy working life ) and I feel good everyday.
Have learn to live with cancer in my lung and I know one day it will disappear, as the 'C' will find that it is no fun staying around when this guy have so much of support and have no fear & worry about lossing life to cancer.
I pray and wish all of us here will get well soon with the blessing & healing from Lord Jesus and the support to each other and continue to figth the 'C' without fear and worry .
It is a happy and joyful day and with Lord everyday will be .
God Bless