Monday, June 24, 2013

5th anniversary . It's amazing , God's healing is so Amazing .

Praise the Lord ! 

It's my 5th anniversary today .

Thanks God , it is his miracle healing keep me strong .

For a patient like me, without the miracle healing from God, it is not possible to live here sharing my experience with you.

The chemo drug play a part in the treatment, but , divine healing is the one guiding me and all the doctor and medical professional for the last 5 years .

Thanks for all your prayer and support .

Thanks for the prayer and support from my family and friends.

No doubts the weather and air condition is bad today and school be instructed to closed for a day .

But, my heart just feeling good and thankful .

I am praying for God's healing continue to heal me and guide me, bless me with wisdom and knowledge.

I am looking forward to the next target for another 5 years and pray to God for the coming 5 years to be pain free and I can spend more time with my wife and daughter for travelling , meantime , I have a stronger body system and energy to move around and share with others about my experience with God and my treatment journey .

Thank you ! Thank you ! 

May God healing and blessing will touch upon all the cancer patient and heal us, guide us and bless us a complete recovery .

God Bless !

Sunday, June 23, 2013

HAZE , it's back , terrible , one more song to sing " Haze , Haze , Go away ! "

I hate the current weather and air condition with the HAZE getting worst day after day .

The smell of the haze is terrible and the worst is that those particles in the air is bad and affected out health, especially our lung .

Many with asthma already been affected and landed in hospital or clinic .

This situation is really bad and terrible for Lung cancer patient . To avoid or reduce risk , we should stay indoor and closed all the window .

Staying indoor with aircon 24 hours is not a good idea too, as it is not really good for our lung too, but, what to do, it is better then breath in the smelly and hazadous haze particles .

Lord , I pray for your intervention to the haze situation in Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia . Please help to get the Haze go away , Please help to speak to people who still carry out open burning and please help to guide the Government authority to find some good and immediate solution to get the Haze away .

Let's join me to sing " Haze , haze , go away ! "

Thanks all .

God Bless !

Friday, June 21, 2013

Pain is back ... Let's sing " Pain , Pain , Go away "

After enjoying  pain free days for the last few weeks , it's back .

Since last few days, trying my best to deal with it without using pain killer , Ultracet .

But, finally I surrender and start taking the first Ultracet tablet after rest for weeks .

Like previously, when the pain start, it always attack by evening .

Last night I feel so much better after taking Ultracet and looks like it will be daily affair.

Let's join me to sing ... " Pain , Pain , Go Away . Never come back in any other day "  cheers !

Lord , you are our healer and I pray for your healing power to continue touch upon me and heal me from cancer , all sickness , all the side effect of cancer treatment and also to take away all the pain .
Thank you Lord Jesus , Amen .

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's day

Hi Good afternoon .

Happy Father's day to all daddies .

Wishing you to have Joy , Happiness .

May Lord bless all daddies with Good Health .

God Bless !

A wall picture by my daughter for you ... :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting near to my Fifth Years Anniversary

Feel Good !

Getting near to my fifth year anniversary , 24/6/13

Thanks God !

Thanks for your healing , blessing and always bless me with wisdom to know your will .

Thanks for all your words and lead me out from darkness to light .

Great ! Great ! Great !

Believe and have Faith !

God Bless !

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I am back , Praise The Lord !

On 21st May 13, I proceed with chemo and this round I decide to use back the same drug that I use last year , Gemzar n Navelbine .

All went well after chemo  I feel good and suddenly , situation change and I start vomiting for 3 days , thereafter I feel very tired n I start to loss balance while walking . So, decided to proceed to hospital on 27st May 13. With blood test report, doctor ask me to admit hospital , as my Sodium is very low, it's the cause of tired and dizzy , then my hemoglobin is low too, so, can not proceed for chemo.

After all the paper work, I admitted and taking two bags of blood transfusion, then, follow by dripping of sodium water. On second n third day , they took  my blood again, too bad, both show that no improvement on my sodium level, but, lucky that hemoglobin n RBW is getting so much better.

After 4 nights in hospital, I requested doctor to allow me discharge , no doubts I am not recover from short of sodium, but, I feel so much better . Finally doctor agreed and discharge me with sodium tablet.

Since back home , I feel good and I have regain my appetite , I really eat and enjoy .

Now I am under some treatment by TCM ( Chinese medical doctor ) , so far work well and hope that it will help to rebuild my body system .

I really feel thanks to Lord for his healing and blessing . And I pray for his healing continue to touch upon me . Thank you Lord Jesus , Amen .

May Lord blessing to all of you .

God Bless !

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life goes on

Never think of I will rest from Chemo treatment for 5 1/2 months .

Beside of the back pain disturb me, some breathless at times, basically, I have no complain.

Praise the Lord !

I have delay my ct scan since April this year and finally get it done two days ago, and yesterday meet up with doctor to discuss about the result of scan.

Overall, not much changes to my brain and bone , consider stable . But, compare with previous scan, tumour in lung show some 30% progression .

Doctor advise me to proceed for Chemo by next week to get situation under control. Tentatively schedule for early next week . Anyway, there are things for me to consider and I pray to Lord to guide me and show me the way for the treatment .

My main concern is back pain that disturb me almost every night with the pain moving from one to another place at my back. Life now is with daily pain killer and because of the continue taking pain killer, I often feel tired / weak .

Spoken to doctor about getting opinion from Orthopedics to have some idea is the pain due to my spine, but, doctor told me that it is not necessary .

Well, I will arrange appointment with doctor in another hospital and have fix it on coming Monday, hopefully can have some solution.

Life goes on, but, no more normal for the last couple of weeks and I hope that Lord will take away all the pain and restore my body with strength and energy .

No worry be Happy . Believe and have Faith .

God Bless !