Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Believe and have Faith

Glad to share with you that I have my chemo treatment today and thanks God, it all well, FEEL GREAT .

It is not easy to accept when doctor inform us the news of lung cancer and especially it is stage 4 . Then, with our question of how serious is the case , doctor will answer for stage 4 , if no treatment, it's 3 to 6 months, wih treatment shud be 1 year , it is as per statistic .

Many patient can not accept the fact and worry about it .

I would like to share with you that only God know how long we will live in this world and not anyone else .

So, never give up , never let worry ; fear , our number 1 enemy to upset us, make us feel depress, and add more stress to us .

Accept the fact and pray to God for healing, blessing, guidance, wisdom .

Believe me , if we ' Believe and have Faith ' , God will guide and lead us how to live thro' this journey and to walk out from darkness to LIGHT .

Live our day with Faith , enjoy our day with God guidance , let the Grace; Mercy; Peace and Love from God touch us everyday And bring us Joy and Happiness .

4 over years of journey Living with Lung Cancer with quality of life most of the time is impossible without the healing and love from God .

During the journey, I went thro' different type of side effect of chemo drug, side effect of whole brain radiation , different kind of pain , until at a stage I told my self what life is this , but, I am thankful that God guide and bring me back and I am stronger now and I ask for forgiveness from God .

With going thro' what I have mentioned above, today I have the experience not only share with others about my journer walking wih God, but, also share my experince with other patient the side effect of treatment, of different chemo drug, of whole brain radiaion . I am also now can understand how other patient going thro' all the side effect and pain .

I am so thankful that God give me the chance to experience the different type of the side effect thro' stages and understand it well , before I can share with others.

Keep Believe and have Faith , we will make it .

Cancer is not the end .

Believe and have Faith .

God bless .

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ready for tomorrow Chemo

It is chemo again . Yes ! I am ready for it .

Chemo suppose to be last Wednesday and I decided to delay it for a week with two reason . Blood test on last week Monday show that my hemoglobin is only 8.8 and RBC 2.7 , it is too low to have chemo, then, beside of blood count, I feel good and start to have appetite to eat . Instead of blood transfusion of injection of booster , doctor discuss with me and I will eat as much nutrition food for a week and to have blood test today and to decide .

Praise the Lord ! Thks for Lord's blessing , all the prayer and food , today blood test show that my hemoglobin 10.1 and rbc 3.36. Feel great that I do not need to do blood transfusion of booster injection .

Pray that Lord will bless wisdom to doctor and nurse tomorrow to carry out the chemo procedure smoothly.

Believe and have Faith .

God bless .

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feel better .

Overall feel better and manage to finished some outstanding issues today .

Tomorrow morning will proceed for blood test, chemo appointment on Wednesday 14th .

I am praying for a good blood report where Hemoglobin , RBC , WBC all back to normal level , and a good decrease of CEA reading.

Missed driving , as it is about a month now, I am not driving .

Meantime, breathing is not getting better for upto today, for a short walk distance, it is fine for me, but, walking on slope or shopping, it is a no no for me at this moment, so, I arrange to buy a wheel chair to keep in the car, so that, if I follow my family to shopping, it'll help .

Believe and have FAITH .

God Bless .

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All good with minimum problem.

The side effect for until now is bearable.
Today I did not take Ultracet ( painkiller ) , so far, can bear with the stomach pain. Not sure can do away with it .
Anyway, will take small portion each meal.

Side effect of bone and body ache should strike me by today or latest tomorrow, as per last week experience. Anyway, I am ready for it .

Pray everything goes well and minimum side effect .

May Lord bless all of us have a joyful day .

God bless !