Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rain, so good !

Finally it rain today , so GREAT !

Am I crazy ? Rain is good ? Rain is great ?

Yes ! Rain not always good . Last month , I am fed-up with rain , as I can not have my brisk walk most of the time ( except in car park ... :) ) .

But, today , when it rain after a long week of hot weather , it is GREAT !

Anything happen to us always have it good and bad . Just like rain, sometime it is for good and sometime it is for bad .

Many of us feel bad of what happen to ourself after the diagnosis of cancer and question WHY , feeling of not fair will come to our mind.

It is bad to be diagnosed and confirm it's cancer and to start treatment. Yes ! fully agreed .

But, isn't it good to know it as early as possible and have time to plan for the treatment, have time to change our life style, have time to do something to reverse our body system and .... , instead of not knowing it until the stage where nothing can be done .

Let's face it, work out treatment plan and learn how to live with the new life , as it is not the end .

God bless and pray Lord always lead and guide us to see the good side of things happen to us .

With Lord , joy is always with us .

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally my report is ready

A long wait and finally report all ready about 5 pm.

Good news ! MRI brain scan show brain is doing fine , nothing wrong and no worry . no wonder I can still think well , Praise the Lord .

Not so good news ! CT scan show increase of the size of the largest lung mass, it is now 8.5 cm x 6 cm and some slight increase for some small one and others remain unchange.
Very clear evidence of spread to bone in some area -- Increase in the number of sclerotic bony metastases for chest CT scan and no signaficant change in CT Abdomen and pelvis scan
Some sign of it in liver, maybe hv spread to liver, but, unless biopsy, if not, can not confirm it .

I am enjoying my dinner in hospital now while writing this posting .. :)

Anyway, it is expected that it will progress, since I am not in treatment , beside of controlling my diet and so on .

But, I did have very good quality life .. :)

Doctor advise to consider for some new treatment option , no rushing , but, should think about it .

I think it is time to think about it too .

Let see what next .

Anyway, I am glad that I manage to 100% overcome the fear and worry to face scan check-up result .

Great day !

May Lord continue to bless me , heal me and strengthen me . Amen.


Today scan arrangement ...

God is great ! All goes well this morning . Manage to get in CT scan schedule by 9 am .
First time after so many CT scan that I finally vomit right after the scan because of the contrast agent injection side effect.
Anyway, maybe it is better for me, since all the orange juice with contrast agent that I drink earlier all vomited out ... :) , less toxic retain in my body , should be good for me , hahahaha.
Then, was told my MRI brain still schedule for 1 pm , but, finally nurse manage to get me reschedule for immediate MRI . Isn't it GREAT ! GREAT ! GREAT ! .. Praise the Lord .
Anyway, still can not settle the long wait for scan report , suppose to be at 1 to 1.30 pm. But, still not ready yet .
Hopefully will be ready soon.
Okay ! Learn to be patient ... :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wish me good luck for tomorrow scan

Hv a good X ray and blood test yesterday and therefore, decided to proceed with CT/MRI scan by tomorrow .

Feel very peaceful and not really think too much about the scan .

More worry about what time they can start the scan , so that I will not be over hungry ... :) , since have to fast for atleast 6 hours, means, I will start fasting by midnight and no breakfast for tomorrow until after the scan .

Was told tomorrow is very busy in imaging department and schedule me for around 1 pm.

So, went over the imaging department to request for early appointment and they told me they will try their best to put me in the morning , but, can not confirm anything until tomorrow morning .

Well ! I will take the chance , not to take my breakfast and pray that all goes well tomorrow morning and manage to get scan as early possible .

Time to sleep , good nite !