Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today morning, hospice nurse, Rachel, visited me .

Feel so thankful for the follow up visit .

If not with the advise from Rachel on her first visit in Feb this year, I may still taking my pain killer.

Thanks Lord for sending her to guide me how to manage my pain .

Have signed up for the weekly day care in Hospice and should start joining the day care in June.

Feeling good today and busy in getting things organise for Friday .

Looking forward to Friday morning flight .

May Lord bless us to have a good feeling everyday .

God bless.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pray for healing for all cancer patient

Lately, every month receive call or infor of new cancer patient and also the unwell condition of patient that I know . Feel kind of sad of all the news .

Please join me to pray for Lord's healing to touch upon all the cancer patient and heal them from cancer, heal them from all sickness, heal them from the side effect of their cancer treatment.

Lord, I pray for your healing power to touch upon all cancer patient and heal them , strengthen their immune system , heal and repair all the infection in their body and restore their body system, so that their body will be strong, clean and healthy, and therefore, the cancer cell, cancer tumour will no longer can stay in their body, and with the healing power from Lord, all the cancer tumour in their body, will shrink and eliminate from their body, and their body will be set free of cancer and fully recover .
Thank you Lord.
In Jesus name I pray.

I believe the powerful prayer from everyone to pray for the powerful healing power from Lord to touch upon cancer patient that we know will help .

But, please include in your prayer for all cancer patient, as everyday there's more and more people going thro' the battle with cancer.

May Lord bless us with good health , joy and happiness .

God bless.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

After talking and dealing with different cancer patient , I note that there is no such thing as right or wrong on how to deal with the small 'c' .
Each patient have their right to make decision on what type of treatment and what type of life they want .
We should respect their right, respect their decision .
As family member , friends, what we can do is to offer our best assistance to them and be a good listener.
Offer our views and opinions at the right time , but, never insist them to accept it.

Some patient do not know what to do or how to organise to deal with the situation .
Some patient very insist on what they think is right .
Some patient get too excited with any new information given and keep changing or switching their game plan.
Some patient refuse to discuss their situation and accept any sharing.
Some patient ...

It is a long list and it is never easy to offer assistance without properly study and understand what is the assistance need from each individual patient.

Well ! This is why we need properly trained counselor .

I pray that Lord will bless us with wisdom and guide us how to offer our assistance to anyone who need our sharing.

God bless !

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day


Wish all mother have a great and joyful day .

After few days of good rest and change the chinese medicine back to the previous formula on Friday, I feel good .

Praise the Lord !

Feel glad that things get back in place and I enjoy the warm sunlight this morning during my brisk walking .
I feel like the warm healing power from Lord is flowing thro' my body, what a great feeling . Thanks Lord.

Pray Lord's blessing be with us everyday and wish everyone a Joyful day .

God bless .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Time to listen to my body and take a good rest

After weeks of moving around , busy to get things settle as much as I think my body system can cope , finally , I feel tired few days ago , very tired and must take a nap every few hours to get over it.

Meantime, I am not sure is it because of changing my chinese medicine formula, as doctor is concern about my heart and therefore change the formula to strengthen it. Heart beat still consider high, above 90 per minute at any one time.

Overall still feel good and after listen to my body and take as much rest as possible, today feel much better.

Will drop by to visit chinese doctor today for treatment and will discuss with him about the medicine, looks like I should change back to the earlier formula to let me feel good , atleast for until I back from holiday . Anyway, I have stop taking the medicine since wednesday .

Lately, I always trying hard to rush thing done as when I feel good, because of the bad side effect after chemo end last year and right after chinese new year . Always have kind of worry that if I don't get whatever outstanding settle fast, I may not able to do it, when I back on treatment .

Not sure whether this is the right way to deal with it, but, looks like my body do not like it .

Well, I will start to slow down , relax , start to watch some dvd and maybe it is time to start drawing again.

May Lord continue to guide me and show me the right direction to move on .

God bless.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Learning to move on and face the challenge

Been very busy moving around to get things organise since the last post and glad that managed to get most of the things settle down . Sometime, feel kind of tired, but, do like the feeling, as it means my condition is fairly good. I know that my condition is not up to my expectation yet, but, no complain about it. Praise the Lord ! It is so amazing for me to drive around the city and also flying for the trip to Vietnam. I am now working hard to keep my body strong and looking forward to have holiday with my family. Next couple of weeks will be busy seaching and get information of where to visit and what to do during the holiday, since my condition can not join travel tour with their rushing programme. Pray that Lord will bless me to have good health and recovery, so that, I can have a enjoyable holiday. After reading news, blogs, articles, forum sharing , I feel that as cancer patient , learning to move on with our life with the small ' c ' inside us is important . Meantime, we should not take it as a setback in our life . We should take it as a challenge . A challenge in our life journey . Life wihout challenge is boring . Be it live with cancer or not, we need to have challenge in life to keep us moving, keep us busy, keep us learning to move on. It is a great challenge and we have to learn how to deal with it , we have to do a lot of homework/reseach to make it . It is not easy , but, we will learn and make it . Lord is with us , he will be there to guide us , he will bless us with wisdom and walk with us . To all the cancer warrior , we will make it . God bless.