Friday, October 28, 2011

Stay calm and don't panic

Feel good today !
Bleeding not 100% stop, but, it's well under control .
Stop taking TRANSAMIN today and so far doing well.
Thanks Adelin and her church prayer .
Thanks Lord for answering our prayer.
Actually toothache have subside too and stomach / digestion getting better also.
In this long journey of living wih cancer, stay calm and don't panic with whatever
situation is very important .
Never allow panic , fear , worry to attack us .
May Lord bless us with wisdom and guide us how to stay calm , when panic, fear, worry
attack us .
I wish in coming weeks, my body system will get better ... better ... better and fully recover,
so that I can have a enjoyable vacation with my family .
God bless.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Solve one and have to deal with another

After 3 days with transamin , this morning getting better, less cough and phlegm with less fresh blood.
Looks like transamin works and bleeding under control.
As transamin make me feel tire ( I actually sleep or nap a lot for yesterday and this mornng after brisk
walking ) , I decided to reduce it to one tablet for 3 times a day , insted of two tablets .

Well, looks like bleeding problem going to solve soon, but, toothache is now distubing me . Can't figure out what's wrong,
but, I suspect it could be gum infection. Took panadol this morning, hopefully it will goes off, if not, have to
make appointment with dentist to get it solve soonest.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is it something not right ?

Since last Thursday not feeling so good, kind of going to fall sick, headache by afternoon, feel tire .
Went for chinese traditional massage and feel a little better.
I think one of the reason is because not sleeping well for many days, always wake up by 2 to 3 am , then, not manage to have sound sleep again until morning .
With close monitoring, drink lot of water, increase intake of fruits/vege and some help from Panadol, finally feel much better.
Last few days did have better sleep, atlease can sleep thro' until 5 to 6 am .
Then, next thing happen . Blood start to show up in phlegm and it getting worst since Sunday, more fresh blood and blood show up in phlegm everytime I cough. But, it is not really very serious.
Start taking Transamin ( Transamin® helps to prevent and reduce bleeding )since Sunday night . Hopefully it will help .
Wonder is it because of the of pressure on my back when having chinese traditional massage is the cause of the bleeding .
Whatever is it, I should not take the risk of having massage with pressure on my back anymore .
Suppose to have 4th cycle of chemo yesterday and decided to take a rest, so that can have a good recovery of body system for holiday with my family by end of next month.
Anyway, with the body condition for last few days, I do not think my body is fit for yesterday chemo also.
Will monitor and have good rest for this week and make a decision by early next week .
May healing from Lord will stop the bleeding .
Thanks Lord .

Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost all well now with the recovery from 3rd cycle

14 days , doctor have told me that it will take 14 days for me to recover from the side effect and the next 7 days to rest , then, start the next cycle.

It is quite true , last week did feel better , but, not really recover from it .

This round have some new experience with side effect.

Since 2008, I always have chemo side effect with metallic taste , it is like, whatever you eat, you get kind of metal taste.

But, last week , some new experience with taste , it is worse than metallic taste.

It is kind of weird taste , do not know how to describe it .

Anything with salt or seasoning, it will give me this weird taste . So, end up have to eat something plain and deal with the fully natural taste of vegetable .

I loss weight for 1 over KGs because of this problem.

Anyway, taste is back to normal and I am eating well now and start to regain my weight .

Thanks Lord .

Body is ready for the next cycle, but, I am not plan to proceed with it. I think it is time for me to take a rest and get my body system/immune system recover.

Will arrange for blood test this week and discuss with doctor my plan.

Feel great !

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lung Disorders: Can E-Cigarettes Help You Quit?

Have received my regular update from Johns Hopkins Health Alerts today and I think it is a good subject to share .

Johns Hopkins Health Alerts: Lung Disorders

* E-cigarettes: Another Option to Help You Quit Smoking?

If you have lung disease and you're a smoker, you undoubtedly know the
importance of breaking the cigarette habit. You may even have tried to
quit smoking before but to no avail. Could electronic cigarettes --
also known as e-cigarettes -- be the answer?

These battery-powered devices look like real cigarettes, have a
light-emitting diode (LED) on the tip that lights up when you inhale
and even produce fake smoke in the form of water vapor. They also
deliver nicotine via cartridges, but spare you the tar, carbon
monoxide, formaldehyde and other toxins found in tobacco smoke.

If e-cigarettes sound too good to be true, that's because they
probably are. With a dearth of rigorous studies on their safety and
effectiveness, experts are increasingly concerned that e-cigarettes
may do little to help you stop smoking -- and may actually do more
harm than good.

Some manufacturers of e-cigarettes tout their products as an effective
form of nicotine replacement therapy. And, in theory, they could work,
since the principle is the same. The e-cigarette's cartridges are
available in progressively lower concentrations of nicotine, so you
can wean yourself off nicotine over time just like with traditional
nicotine replacement products.

So what's the problem? For one thing, some e-cigarettes may not
deliver enough nicotine to the bloodstream to effectively suppress
cravings. In one study, published in Tobacco Control, the investigator
compared levels of nicotine in the blood of 16 smokers after they
smoked two of their usual brand of cigarettes, puffed on two unlit
cigarettes or "smoked" two brands of e-cigarettes, each containing a
16 mg (high) cartridge of nicotine.

After smoking the e-cigarettes, participants had blood nicotine levels
virtually the same as they did after puffing on an unlit cigarette and
significantly lower than the blood nicotine levels detected after they
smoked a conventional cigarette. In addition, the smokers' heart rate
increased after smoking tobacco but not after using the e-cigarette or
unlit cigarette, again suggesting a negligible delivery of nicotine to
the bloodstream with the e-cigarette. Another problem: Some cartridges
may contain more or less nicotine than noted on the label.

Our advice: Some manufacturers and retailers of e-cigarettes claim
these products are healthier than normal cigarettes and can help you
quit smoking. But in the absence of scientific evidence to support
those contentions, it's best to avoid e-cigarettes until more research
has been done. For now, if you're trying to quit smoking, stick with
proven, FDA-approved stop-smoking strategies.

********** JOHNS HOPKINS PUBLICATIONS **********

* 2011 Lung Disorders White Paper
This comprehensive report provides the latest research on the
prevention and treatment of the most common lung diseases, including
asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), sleep apnea,
interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Read more or order the INSTANT PDF DOWNLOAD EDITION:

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* Treating and Managing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
If you or a loved one has COPD, you know firsthand how ordinary tasks
like walking up a flight of stairs or making your bed can cause
wheezing, coughing and pronounced shortness of breath. Our new report
gets to the heart of your concerns about living with chronic
bronchitis or emphysema, providing the latest thinking on the causes
of COPD and the full range of your treatment options -- with
discussions of medications, oxygen therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation
and surgical interventions. Written by Dr. Enid R. Neptune, Assistant
Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins Obstructive Lung Disease
Clinic, "Treating and Managing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
(COPD)" is a must-have primer for patients and families affected by

For more information, or to order:

* The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health After 50
Since 1989 this acclaimed monthly newsletter has delivered
cutting-edge information on treating the major medical conditions
affecting those over 50. Each eight-page issue delivers important news
and research on women's health, men's health, nutrition, weight
control, arthritis and much more.

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Special Reports:


FREE ..... cancer free !

I wake up at 5 am this morning, good sleep ... :) , great ! sweet sleep for 6 hours .

Finish this drawing ... " FREE ... cancer free "

To all cancer warrior , we will win the war and FREE from cancer .

Lord will lead us , walk with us , bring us out from darkness to light .

Praise the Lord .

Thank you Lord .

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LIVE everyday with LOVE and stay happy and Lord will guide us thro' everyday

The first posting in my blog dated December 2nd 2009 start with the heading " Living with Lung Cancer ...... What is ahead of us ? ,
So, what is ahead of us ...." Living with Lung Cancer " .... ?
Be frank , I am not so sure and I am seaching for the answer .
One of the answer I hv is to share our experience in LIFE
( be it our experience in living with cancer ; our experience in our career or profession ;
our experience in how to hv a happy family life ; our experience in walking with Lord ....... ) with others.
When I was diagnosed with cancer, I told myself , it is God's will for me to go thro' it and to share what I'm going to experience ,
with people who need the information
But, whatever is the answer ..... what is most important is to LIVE everyday with LOVE and stay happy , and Lord will guide us thro' everyday .

Something bother me for the last few days. I am start asking myself the question .

What is ahead of me ?
What actually I looking forward everyday ?

I am not sure is others who is living with cancer will have the same thought or question from time to time .

Sometime, I ask myself a very direct question ,
" Am I still living because I want to show that I can fight it off ? "
It is depressing when this thought come in and this thought will grow strong, especially when I receive news about end of the journey of inspiring cancer survivor .

It is not easy to deal with it, especially when I am on treatment, when I am trying hard to focus in managing the side effect and get myself recover
from it , then , this thought keep coming .

I am glad that Lord is with me , bless me with wisdom and show me the way , walk me out from darkness to light .

This morning, the same thought come to me again, I decided to continue my reading of book of Romans and Lord guide me to go back to my first blog posting ,,,
what is most important is to LIVE everyday with LOVE and stay happy , and Lord will guide us thro' everyday .

Thank you Lord Jesus , I am thankful for your daily guidance .

Praise the Lord !


".... , ..we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;
perseverance, character; and charater, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God
has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. "
ROMANS 5 : 3-5 (NIV)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Longer life or healthy life?

Good morning !
Praise the Lord !
Lord's healing and blessing is great .
I am dealing with very very very minimum side effect in comparing with the last two cycles for 5th and
6th day .
Feel so great !
Wake up at 5 am , it is a good sleep and rest.
Pray for healing continue and side effect to go away soonest.

Read the medical book about how to strengthen our self immune system to keep us stay healthy and
one chapter is talking about longer life against healthty life.

Isn't this the subject that we always ask ? But, how often are we seriouslly look into it ?
Our normal response is , Yes ! Healthy life is more important .
It's very true that what is the point to live a longer life when we are bed ridden , sick and no quality
of life.
But, are we taking any action ?
Are we start to make a change to our lifestyle ?
Or are we continue to live with it and continue rely on doctor to give us fast-fix drug to keep us moving.

We all know what is the right action .
Wake up and start the first step , if you have not .
God bless you will make it and you will live healthy .

HAPPY life >>>> Healthy life ........... :) ........... Have a good day !

Friday, October 7, 2011

5th day of 3rd cycle chemotherapy with drug Taxotere

Problem with sleep is back.
Yesterday night, decided to change my way of resting. Just jump on bed as when feel tire. So, end up in bed before 9pm and wake up abt 1+ am. Not bad, feel fresh then.
Decided to watch movie and end up back to bed at 4 am. not really sleep, but, did have a good nap and wake up 7+ am, to get myself prepare for early visit to hospital for my 3rd ( last ) white blood cell booster injection for this chemo cycle.
All goes well and back home by 1 pm , jump on bed again to rest. good nap for until 4 pm and have my early dinner before 6 pm, very good and happy that the hard strike side effect not yet start ... :) . hope it'll not strike me too hard this time . ( Note : Steroid drug finish yesterday, so, the hard side effect should start by today, as per experience of 1st and 2nd cycle ) .

Sharing on how I deal with my chemo treatment everyday :-
> Prayer and thanks Lord for Healing and Blessing
> Pray for Lord blessing to my family , relatives, friends to have Joy , Happiness and Good Health . Thanks so much for all their Love , Care and Support .
> Rest/Sleep as when I feel tire
> Eat as when I feel hungry
> Do something to extract my focus from pain, body ache, i.e. listen to music , read jokes, watch movie , drawing , or anything that can get me relax .
> Light exercise and brisk walking for atleast 1/2 hour , as long as my body condition allow .
> Drink sufficient amount of water/fluid to ensure I am not dehydrated, meantime, monitor closely to ensure there is no sign of water retention.
> Take record of my daily weight and blood pressure reading for a good monitoring of my body condition changes.
> Take medicine on time as per doctor advice to ensure side effect under control .
> Listen to my body and take note and record any body changes. It is important information for next doctor appointment.
> Share and update my conditions to my wife, so that she know how I am doing and this will keep her away from worry .

Be happy and appreciate each day we have with our family ... :)

God Bless !

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What give us hope is having a plan

No complain of sleep yesterday night, 10 pm to 4 am, 6 hours , not bad. Catch with short nap this afternoon, feel okay.

Back to hospital today for the booster injection, this time feel some slight pain at my back , not serious, should be ok .

Best news is that this morning problem with constipation solve , feel so great !

Read some Blog this morning and I like one of the comment " What give us hope is having a plan ".

It is so true that without a plan on how to plan for the treatment , how to get ready wih plan B , plan C and ... , how to
live happily , means we are living wihout hope and soon we will feel depress , give up when things happen during treatment.

After 3 years , I learn alot from the sharing from cancer forum , cancer blog , books and articles about cancer and all the inspiring story from
cancer survival / patient.

And I want to thanks God for his mercy and grace , thanks the support and love from my wife, daughter, my family , relative, friends .

I love you all ! Thanks .

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All goes well as normal with good management of the side effect

Doctor meet up with me this morning for a brief consultation, everything looks fine and just check for the lung airway , according to him, it works well .
Finally, insurance companty approved payment and discharge about 12 noon.
As normal, feel great to be home for a good shower, lunch and have a good nap for few hours.
Yesterday night very tire , but, can not sleep and finally rest at about 2 to 3 am and wake up by 6+ am . So tire this morning. lucky can have a good nap this afternoon.
Constipation still my main problem, I should take medication yesterday to prevent constipation, anyway, have it two times today and hope problem solve latest by tomorrow morning .
Normal side effect, stomach very gassy , hiccup , tire , metalic taste start since yesterday and not serious .
What I sum up is that good management of the side effect for chemotherapy all depends on how much we understand about the drug and how the side effect affect us for the 1st cycle , then, make a good study and manage it with medication and so on.
Wish all well for this cycle of treatment and I can recover faster than last cycle , as I plan to have the 4th cycle on schedule , 3 week from now , instead of the 4 weeks like last two cycles.

Monday, October 3, 2011

3rd cycle Chemotherapy with Taxotere

It's Oct 2011 , 8 weeks since I start chemotherapy with Taxotere.
After 2 cycles, things look good, last week is the best week since start with Taxotere. This time do not encounter with low blood pressure on 4th week, feel great and manage to move around with driving to Klang for submitting my application for EPF and Socso , to KL for insurance matter and also attending gathering with friends .
Well, time to get back to treatment after a week of quality life with stable condition ... STABLE is good , Lord is great !
This morning chemotherapy procedure start about 11 am with the anti allergy medicine and Taxotere start at 12 noon and finished by 1 pm .
As usual, I will stay a night for observation, if all well, will dischage and go home tomorrow.
For until now, all well , just wish to have a good night rest and hopefully no constipation by tomorrow.
Did find that stomach not feeling good today, compare with the last two cycle, it happen only 2nd or 3rd day.
The other thing I notice is that since the 2nd cycle, I cough out minimum phlegm and no blood stain or fresh blood show up in phlegm, but, today, after the I.V. Of Taxotere, some fresh blood show up in phlegm . Will monitor closely and see what happen the next two days.
Thanks for all your prayer .
May Lord bless all of us have a joyful day .
God less .