Saturday, November 26, 2011

Space Mountain - Roller coaster

My first experience with roller coaster ride is in Genting Highland , the small and mini size roller coaster, ride with so much of excitment. Well ! It is a good experience and challenge.
The second ride is in Tokyo Disneyland . They call it Space Mountain , an indoor roller coaster, quite a big one.
It should be sometime in 1987 , when I am in training for a year in Japan. Went with all my Malaysian friends during new year eve, it's a good buy, enter on 31st Dec morning and out on 1st Jan , pay for one day fare . Very good experience , we have to wait for atleast 2 hours for every ride and the weather is so cold , we sleep at the road side ( eveyone in the park did so ) when we are too tired. Anyway, when you're young, you do all crazy things, enjoy what you like to do when you are young , go fot it ... :) .
I have no experience for the big outdoor roller coaster and I do not think I will. After the space mountain, I told myself, well , my heart not really can take another roller coaster challenge .
Our life just like riding on roller coaster, it give us challenge , excitement , satisfaction , pride ... Isn't this most of us looking for in life , atleast when we are young .
When you are riding the indoor roller coaster in space mountain, the feeling and experience is more , as you have no idea when is the peak and when is the fall. When the car start moving, it is really full of challenge and you will be very excited and enjoy after the first fall, cause it is just a very short fall. Then, you are looking forward for more, as you have no idea how deep is the deepest fall, inside the space mountain, it's dark and you only can see the litter star light , very nice view, just like you are sitting in the space ship and enjoying and view of the space, NICE ! .... But, sorry , no more space mountain in Tokyo Disneyland whe I revisited few years ago.
Well, beside of all the excitement , challenge .... , it did bring fear and worry to many of us , maybe UNCERTAINTY is the proper word, as we are in darkness , we do not what is infront of us , we have no idea when is the peak , we DO know it will fall, but, when and how deep will it fall ? Answer is " No Idea " .
When this happen in a ride , we experience the challenge, excitement and we enjoy it.
When this happen in LIFE , we still feel the challenge , excitement and we enjoy it, but , it also bring us the feel of worry and uncertainty.
But, this call LIFE and everyone of us have to go through it .
So, what happen when this roller coaster is for patient going thro' life living with cancer ? It give patient great SURPRISE and UNCERTAINTY, but, it did bring challenge .
My condition over the last couple of weeks is just like riding on roller coaster inside the Space Mountain . GREAT challenge , full of UNCERTAINTY and not much of Surprise yet .
Start with not feeling well , follow by increase of bleeding . Once under control , start with back pain , follow by pain in waist , then, pulling and poking pain in my chest.
One settle another start , it is tirIng .
But, it did give me little surprise, as I manage to fly to Ho Chi Minh without problem and very well control condition. Then, most of the time during weekend , my condition allow me to drive and have lunch with my parent .
I should be thankful and no complaint .
God is great !
Thanks God .
Praise the Lord .
With healing, blessing and wisdom from Lord, I manage to overcome it one by one , day by day . Pain on my waist subside ; pain on back well under conrol ; bleeding is very very minimum now , kind of back to normal .
Except some pain in my right arm and armpit, all are well under control .
The pulling and poking pain in my chest did happen on and off, it strike me for few second only, not like the two night, one of the night, last for almost two hours . This is the worst pain I have ever experienced since diagnosed in mid 2008 and I can really understand now what is the meaning of chest pain , other patient talk about in cancer forum.
Well , this is an alert to me that my living with cancer is entering the next NEW LEVEL and I really have to get ready with lots of knowledge of pain managament from now on , the next level of challenge start .
No worry , I am prepare and ready to face it .
With healing , blessing from Lord .
With love , care and support from all of you .
I have the strength , I am ready , Go, Go , Go and I will make it to update my sharing in this blog for many many more years, to tell you how miracle is it the power of healing from Lord .
God bless.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tired ...

Just feel tired .
Could be due to the weather .
Could be due to the bleeding yet to stop .
Could be due to the Chinese medicine .
Just looking for some reason to make me feel better .
Anyway, will overcome it , Lord is with me , he will lead me back to light .

Meet up with chest physician last week and she told me , my lung airway is still quite clear, not to worry . As for the drug " Transamin " , I can continue to use it until bleeding stop .

I also visited the Chinese medicine doctor and was told my liver ; kidney ; heart is weak . In short, overall body condition is weak . Anyway, this is as expected .
Given me 7 days medicine to rebuild my body system and detoxic ( same medicine that he given me last time, but, it is stringer now ).

After 2 days of the medicine, I feel it it too strong and decide to stop it for a day , next day feel better and I decided to take 2 times a day, instead of 3 times a day .

Feel better .

Some pain in my chest is bothering me . Not sure what is it . The pain is terrible when I sneeze . Monitor very closely on it and should consult doctor if pain not going away by this week .

Pray all well by end this week and body system recover .

Don't worry , be HAPPY !

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back home safely .

Back home safely on Tuesday night . I make it , feel great !
Eat a lot during my stay in Ho Chi Minh and enjoy food that I hv missed for the last few months.
Overall, it is a good trip .
Most important is my condition not giving me problem during the flight , thanks Lord .
Feel tire yesterday and start to have sore throat . It is quite normal, most of the time after
a short oversea trip, will have sore throat after back home . It could be due to I drink less water
when travelling? Will rest more and drink a lot of water , eat fruits and so on to boost up my immune system,
hopefully can settle down within next two days.

Call up chest specialist for an appointment yesterday and was informed she is only available in
Sunway Medical in the morning, have fixed up appointment for today morning .
Need Dr Usha to advise me the use of TRANSAMIN , as I have not take this drug for more than two
weeks in the past and I am on it for about three weeks now.
For the last two days, it works well, as there is less fresh and clot blood.
Next thing I need to know is how to find out the actual cause of the bleeding and how is my overall lung performance.

Then, call up the TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) doctor, was told he is now in Puchong branch,
will only available in Subang for Friday only. Plan to have the visit to check my overall body system and may get the
few days medicine to boost up my body system and detoxic .

Finally decide to take a good rest and end up with two hours rest , wake up is already evening .

Sleep again about 10pm and wake up at 1am. Hopefully, I can back in bed with a good rest before 3 am .

Anyway, I wish to have a good chat with doctor for morning appointment and hopefully check up with report of overall lung
condition still good and I am fit for a long distance fligh travelling .

Monday, November 7, 2011

It is a happy and joyful day and with Lord everyday will be .

Wake up so early ... :).

Reading some of my old posting.
My posting in April 2010 :

Quote ...
Have learn to live with cancer in my lung and I know one day it will disappear, as the 'C' will find that it is no fun staying around when this guy have so much of support and have no fear & worry about lossing life to cancer.
I pray and wish all of us here will get well soon with the blessing & healing from Lord Jesus and the support to each other and continue to figth the 'C' without fear and worry .
It is a happy and joyful day and with Lord everyday will be .


Just feel GREAT ! ...... It is a happy and joyful day and with Lord everyday will be .
Praise the Lord . Thank you Lord . Pray for Lord be with us every moment , guide us , lead us , it is the best moment in life .

Yes ! The small 'c' will find it no fun and leave us . We just need to have faith and continue to live our every JOYFUL day .

Don't worry , be happy ... :)

God bless and have a good day .

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Welcome back to Ho Chi Minh

Yes ! I am back in Ho Chi Minh today after stop travelling since August '11 .

Kind of worry this morning, whether taking flight will affect my lung bleeding.

Thanks Lord for healing and blessing, all goes well and landed in HCM without problem.

Going to stay here for two nights and pray for continue healing and blessing.

Feel great and hopefully I am ready for a longer flight jouney after this trip .

Good nite ... :)

God bless.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Convetional or Alternative treatment for 4th stage cancer

Debate of whether should go for conventional or alternative treatment never end .
So, the best is leave it to the patient to make the decison , as patient should have the right to decide and they know best of what they want .
We, as family member or friend, should do is to share information we gather and support the final decision of the patient .
There is no right or wrong in the decision of treatment , since no one can assure the patient for cure , be it conventional or alternative.
For me, I choose conventional treatment with special monitoring that allow me to watch and wait, once condition stable .
What I want is a stable condition and quality of life .
But, I will not insist on other patient to follow what I am doing , as every patient health condition is different .
Some are with fast growing cancer cell, so, they need to continue with the tretament without stop.
Some are dealing very well with the chemo and do not have serious side effect, so, they are living with quality of life, even on treatment.
Some react badly and with serious side effect, so, they loss quality of life, thefore, they choose to stop treatment and look for alternative treatment.
Some have very bad impression of conventional treatment and since there is no assurance of curing , they decide to only use alternative treatment.
Some been told by doctor that even with conventional treatment , they only can live for less than 6 months, or , if they are lucky, maybe a year, so , they decided not to go ahead and just live their life and enjoy the rest of the days with their family, then, they take some supplement or alternative treatment as support.
What we can do is pray for them, support them, show them our love ; care , be their listener , help to gather information to share with them ( but, not insist or forcing them to accept our thoughts)
May Lord bless us with wisdom in helping patient who need our support , care and love .
God bless .

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME

Good morning !

What a great day to be here to wish all of you good morning and like to wish everyone in the world a JOYFUL day .

Today is my birthday and Siew Loon birthday ( My twins brother ) .

Siew Loon ... " Happy Birthday to you and me "

Friends arrange a small party for me and Mr Chua yesterday night, a nice gathering with old and new friends from our industry ( Shipping and freight forwarding ).

Feel great ! Praise the Lord !

Thankful for all the sms ; msn ; facebook birthday wishes receive today .
Thankful for birthday wishes and a good hug from Chris and Natalie ... :) .
Thankful for Lord's blessing and healing , so that I can be here celebrating my birthday.
Thankful for all the care , love , support from my family , friends to keep me continue to look forward for a good day .
Thankful for everything I have .

What is my birthday wish ?

I wish Joy , Happiness , Good Health be with my family and all of you everyday.
I wish to be here to inform every year on 3rd Nov that It is my BIRTHDAY ... :)
I wish my sharing can assist others who is going thro' their journey with cancer.
I wish Lord's healing will touch upon all the cancer patient/survivor to keep us healthy and recover soonest .
I wish my wish will come true .

Happy Birthday to ME.

Cheers !

God Bless .

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hopefully not sleep disorder start again . Wake up about 3 am this morning and can't sleep again.
Finally decide to finish this drawing .

Bleeding in lung stop last week and back again on Sunday evening, but, not as serious as last week , with Transamin ( just one tablet for Sunday , Monday and today ) looks like it is under control ( but, no 100% stop yet ) .

Last week I read news about a 65 years old man diagnose with cancer and need money for treatment. So, family member arrange for full withdraw of his EPF saving . ( looks like he did't withdraw after retirement at 55 years old ) .

To their surprise, about forty over thousand of his saving missing , after investigation, it's recorded that the money was withdraw some years ago.

They have make report and it is now under investigation.

Feel sorry for him and it is sad to know that fund can missing from our saving without our knowledge. EPF management should seriously look into it and to avoid same incident to happen again, meantime, should workout something to assist him .

I would suggest all EPF member to ensure they receive the yearly statement from EPF without fail and meantime, should check is all the figures are correct , i.e. your monthly contribution , your withdraw amount for healthcare ; unit trust and so on ...

If you not receive it , you should immediately contact with EPF office or you can go to EPF office to get your statement print from the kiosk machine . just slot in your I/C and scan your thumb , then, follow some simple instruction .

Or you can register with EPF for online monitoring of your accounts.

Last week I notice that EPF have put up a kiosk machine in Sunway Pyramic AEON office ( right in front of Jusco supermarket ) .

If you have not check on your statement for sometime or you have not check on it all the time. I would suggest you do it immediate and start regular monitoring.

Good Luck !