Thursday, August 30, 2012

Speak for the cancer patient

Dealing with cancer never easy .

It is a matter of fact that the journey with cancer is never easy at all, as patient have to deal with so many types of situation and to make decision .

If patient suppose to under chemo / surgery or radiatheraphy, patient have to decide whether to proceed base on he or her body condition and kind of side effect of the treatment . Meantime, financially, are they ready for it with insurance or cash. If patient is rich and ready for it, it is a blessing, or patient equip with health insurance which have a good or full cover for the treatment, they are fortunate. Some chemo treatment cost patient ten thousand of Ringgit Malaysia a month or more, it is depends on kind of chemo drug to use .

If patient decided to go for natural theraphy, patient have to weight what is the effect and also financial involvement of the natural theraphy. Put it this way, not all natural theraphy is easy or FREE/ CHEAP. Patient have to understand what need to be done everyday and whether patient have time or strenght to deal with the theraphy everyday. Meantime, most natural theraphy is not free, and it is quite expensive for patient to pay for the organic vegetable , organic fruits , blender/juice machine , supplement and so on. Some of it may cost the patient at least a thousand Ringgit Malaysia every month, and some therephy cause more.

Then, most patient will be advised by family member or relative or friends to take supplement during their treatment to strengthen their body system, so that, they can recover fast for the next treatment, this especially happen to the Chemo treatment, as the treatment will kill not only the cancer cell ,but, other good cell too.

Overall , cancer journey need money . As I say, for patient who have insurance or fund, it's not so stress, but , for majority of the patient in Malaysia, it is never easy.

During the treatment, be it in hospital or natural theraphy, patient have to go thro' all type of uncertainty and surprise, as doctor will never able to tell patient all possible side effect or reaction during treatment. since each patient may react differently to the treatment. So, for patient or their caretaker, who spend time to understand all types of possible side effect and listen to body reaction , they will have less worry/fear/panic , if not, they may always worry and go thro' all types side effect .

I am 4 over years living with lung cancer stage 4 and regret to say that until today, I am not sure what will happen tomorrow ? Tomorrow will be great day ? Tomorrow will be bad day ? Be frank, I am not sure , as there is so many things in cancer treatment I have not go thro' yet. Example to share, I have whole brain radiation last month and I have read lots of forum sharing , articles and so on to get myself and my family to prepare for the worst to happen after radiotheraphy. Lord is great, I have minimum side effect during the treatment, but, I am tired after the treatment , someday feel good and someday feel bad . I do not know the reason, whether it is because of the treatment or it is because of my body system or it is because of the cancer . I am not sure and it is not easy to find out . Anyway, what I can do is find a way to deal with it and pray to Lord and hope that the pain or side effect or weak will go away soonest possible. On Tuesday, I feel good, yesterday I feel very weak and today looks like I feel better than yesterday . I have delay my chemo for almost a month now, should I go ahead with it or take times to get my body system repaid first ? Well, I do not think any of you can answer me, as it is depends what I want , QUALITY OF LIFE or Longer Life ?

I am not sure what is in the plan for our Government to cancer patient ? Hopefully 2013 budget can see some light on this issue .

To most of the NGO , hospital and charity home, I would like to say that you have did a very good job for Breast Cancer, be it awareness , care or donation.

But, how about other type of cancer, I believe you can help to bring up more awareness for Malaysian to other type of cancer , you can help to bring in more donation to patient with other type of cancer In Malaysia, they too need help , they too need more awareness, they too need more counselling / forum to understand type of cancer and prepare for it.

I seriously hope and happy that if anyone reading this posting can help to bring it up to authority in Government , NGO / Charity home.

I pray for Lord's healing and blessing will continue to touch on all cancer patients and heal them from cancer, from all side effect of cancer treatment, bless them and their family with Joy , Happiness and Good Health.


God bless !

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Last few days headache is my biggest problem, manage to control it with two tablets of panadol .

But, this morning is bad and really have no chooice and to take panadol, then jump on bed to get a good rest to get headache subside, lucky that it did subside , but not fully go away. Anyway, I still manage to brisk walk for 30 minutes after it subside and also to take my chinese medicine by 11 am.

Can't figure out what cause the headache, maybe it's side effect of whole brain radiotherapy, whatever is it, just pray that Lord will take it away and I can back to normal again.

Looks like I have better appetite at home now and hopefully it will continue .

May Lord bless us to have Joy and Good health. For those who's tavelling during this long holiday in Malaysia, I pray to Lord blessing for them to have a safe journey .

God bless .

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It happen and we should accept it.

Last month I lost a friend of stage 4 lung cancer and this month I lost another one , and just receive a msg that another cancer warrior may leave soon and all depends on his fight and condition.

Lord will receive two of them home and glad that they are no more suffering with the small 'c' anymore , and may Lord bless their family and lead them to walk their life that Lord want us to live.

This is life . It did make us feel upset when receive the news, but, we should not let the feeling with us for too long.

Pray to Lord to bring us back and lead us to share our life with others who's there waiting for us .

I have decided to go back to Chinese doctor medication and the theraphy, it is not the natural theraphy not good, but, it's not easy to follow and it make me feel very tired . So, I decided that I should stop it and get back to my normal arrangement .

I am not sure whether what I decide is right or wrong , but, I believe that with Lord , everything is possible .

But, there is some good infor I learn from the natural theraphy , I will continue with it .

Whatever is it, what I need is to continue my life wih quality and relax as when as I can , therefore, any theraphy that going to give me too much restriction in daily life and going to make me too tired to follow, I should think about it , anyway, it is only my opinion.

May Lord bless all of us with good health and joyful mood .

God bless .

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Natural theraphy

Finally after 4 years, I decided to give it a try for one month and see wheher it will help me better than chemo theraphy, so, I decided to delay further my chemo theraphy.

I took blood test last week and so far all in order , not much changes and CEA level drop for about 10 percent, but, still over 3000 points.

With the natural theraphy, I did some changes to my diet, I drink some vinegar and oil, I star to take spicy food . Meantime , I take some special wash lotion for my shower, I apply oil or cream before shower, I rinse with cow milk and wash it away after minutes.
I exercise , walk under hot sun, and get body sweat out as much as I can , and I drink lot of water, fruit juice , eat as much possible fruit , vege , to get body heat release. Yes ! I did ear ozone .

So far I am fine with it after a week and hopefully it may help more . Only thing is that it did make me tired, since doing so many things and execise ... :)

Anyway, whatever type theraphy we decide, I strongly believe that we should have very close monitoring and listen to our body the reaction of the treatment. As when there is some changes that we are not feel good with it we should stop it and discuss with the person who set the treatment for us . If it is not convince, we should stop it altogether, or to stop the particular arrangement only.

I pray to Lord for wisdom to guide me and show me the way for all the treatment that I am doing now.

May Lord bless us with Joy , Happiness and Good Health.

God bless .

Friday, August 3, 2012

Delay my chemo treatment

Since my condition still unstable , I decided to call off next week chemo and inform to cancer centre to reschedule it to the following week, hopefully I can have a better and stable condition by next week .

I am not sure what I did is right or wrong, what I feel is that if I were to go ahead wih chemo with the current condition, my condition can be even worst and I will not be sure whether the side effect during chemo is because of chemo or because of the whole brain radiotherapy .

Anyway, whatever the condition for next week, I think that I should go ahead wih the blood test to check what is my blood count.

Very looking forward to have my body system back to normal .

Two days ago, I start to do some light exercise and also breathing exercise, then, I went for foot massage . Yesterday, I feel better and I do the same thing again , plus 1/2 hour of brisk walking . Last night I feel okay, but, too bad, I wake up about 2.30am , and can not sleep well until this morning . So feel so tired now .

Maybe I should proceed with the breathing exercise and jump on my bed for a nap .

What I learn for the past years is to always listen to our body, when our body scream 'I am tired, need to sleep ' , we better do it ... :). So , I will take my nap first, and have my breathing exercise later .

Good rest !