Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make plans not result

Friend from an online support forum told me ' Make plans not result '.

Think about it , she's right .

We should not give up and stop planning because of the situation we are facing , if we do so, we'll always feel upset and live with no direction in life.

Feel great with her sharing .

Go ! Go ! Go ! Go ahead with our plan . Plan for gathering , plan for vacation , plan for good dinner with family n friends , plan for anything in your mind .

I look back to last year, when decided to go ahead with family vacation to Shanghai, I just go ahead to book air ticket and hotel , then, work very hard to monitor and keep myself fit . The result is , I make it for the trip.
In end 2011 , right after chemo, I plan for family vacation to New Zealand and I am worry of my condition, so, I keep delay to book air ticket and hotel . Just everyday chk on net for what to do if my family vacation dream happen. The end result is , we go no where .

So, I should just back to drawing board and start planning ... :)

Anyway, I feel good today and settle few outstanding issues . Waking up with good feeling and wife drove me around.

Many more things pending for clearing up, i.e. Insurance claims, outstanding works by renovation contractor and so on .

Will go ahead to set a schedule and get it done according . Please wish me will get it settle by next week .

Lord , I feel so thankful today . Thanks for leading me and bless me with wisdom .

Thank You Lord Jesus , Amen.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hi ! I am back .

Worst situation face by cancer patient is the unpredicted changes to body condition and the uncertainty of what is next ?

Agreed that we are living in a world of uncertainty , but, somehow when totally uncertain of what will happen next and unpredicted things can happen anytime, isn't it kind of scary and no fun.

When you not manage to do any planning for what to do next , who to meet next week , where to go with family for next vacation and when ?

No , no , no , you can plan it . Just that your plan can be changed any moment , because of ;
- with no indication, suddenly back pain, body ache, chest pain, stomach pain or just any kind of pain strike
on you without any warning . Be it midnight when you are sleeping , in daytime watching TV , in a dinner discussion
and ...
Isn't this terrible ? Yes , it is .
- with no indication, suddenly your body energy drain off , you feel weak, very very weak , it can happen anytime,
without warning.
Isn't this terrible ? Yes , it is .
- with no indication, you loss your appetite, or side effect of previous chemo or radiation treatment just strive
you without warning.
Isn't this terrible ? Yes, it is .

Well ! What I have mentioned, happen to me recently and it's one of the reason, I am away from blog recently.

Yes ! There is other reason why I am not updating my blog, busy with house shifting, busy with celebration of Chinese New Year .

How I get thro' it ?

Believe and have Faith .

Yes ! Situation did make me feel bad, upset, worry , fear, I am just another human.

What is important is to BELIEVE and have FAITH in GOD .

What is important is do not let the bad feeling, worry, fear, stay with you.

Pray to God . God is always there for us and he will answer our prayer and his healing and blessing
will touch upon us and we will recover from pain and so on ...

God will lead us to walk thro'.

Thanks God .