Friday, June 29, 2012

It show up in my brain and say ' Hello SK '

After 4 years , finally it show up in my brain and say ' Hello SK ' .

So, I reply ' Hi ! small c , you will not enjoy playing here , soon you will be burn out '

I am going to experience new thing in cancer treatment , we call it RADIATION . Doctor told me today, it will be WBR ( whole brain radiation ) to get ride of all the small c around my brain.

On wednesday, I complain about the noise of brain MRI and say that I will not do it again in future unless doctor ask me to do so. But, now, I am happy that I make a good decision to request doctor to arrange brain MRI for me . Thanks Lord bless me with wisdom and guide me to make good decision . If not, I will not know the small c already there and will end up with pain and so on in coming months. It is good to detect it fast and get ride of it immediate.

Praise the Lord ! Feel great !

In hospital today to arrange the proper set up of face frame for my WBR on 9/7/12 , if no side effect or minimum side effect, I will proceed with chemo after radiation ( 5 days with 5 minutes a day ). This time going to use Gemzar (gemcitabine) with Navelbine (Vinorelbine), maybe for 6 cycles.

Next week I will take lot of rest, eat well , enjoy my food, get things organise properly and get ready for the treatment.

Okay ! Ready go . Looking forward to face this new experience .

Thanks Lord for your healing and blessing and pray for your healing and blessing continue to touch upon me and guide me , lead me to walk thro' this journey, in Jesus name I pray . Amen.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nice food , yummy !

Food in Pantai Hospital K.L. Is getting better and better, good improvement .
Most important is now they deliver warm food to each room, so , no need to request nurse in ward to heat up food for me .
I have chicken chop tonight, lovely and nice, like having room service in hotel .

I have my blood test and x ray report after a long wait in cancer centre for doctor since morning, as there's many patient have chemo treatment today, so , doctor have to attend to them first, before attend to follow-up patient like me .

What's the result ?

Well ! Blood test report looks ok , except the reading of tumor marker jump up to new record , slightly more than 3700. It is slightly more than 50% increase from previous reading of about 2400. Sign of activity .

As for X Ray, no significant changes, but, did show in the film for more activities compare to previous X ray in March .

Right before dinner, I have my Brain MRI scan and tomorrow morning for CT scan for chest, abdomen and pelvis.
Doctor advise me not a need for bone scan, what we will do is to see the result of CT scan, if there is sign of bone problem in certain part, then, will take bone scan on the part only . Well, it make sense for me , so , let see what happen with the CT scan result tomorrow.

I hate the sound when going thro' brain MRI scan and I do not think I will ask for brain MRI scan in future, unless doctor ask . So far, most of the time is my request for the scan, as I just want to make sure if something spread to brain, I can make fast decision to get ride of it.

Anyway, I am happy with my dinner and enjoy it, it make my day.

Looking forward to tomorrow scan and wish all well .

Good night.

God bless !

6 months scan ... Looking forward to good news

Finally I went to hospital yesterday for blood test and X ray.

Will meet doctor this morning to know the result of tumor marker and x ray.
If x ray show no lung fluid build up or lung fluid under control, I will proceed for CT scan and will discuss with doctor to include bone scan and brain mri .

This time I have some concern of the scan result, not as relax as the past few scan arrangement. Maybe it is because of the pain on my back.

Well ! Whatever the result, I have to face it.

It is eiher to start some treatment or to have another few months of HOLIDAY from chemo.

Yes ! I looking forward to HOLIDAY from chemo treatment .

Lord , please bless me to have good scan result .

........ BELIEVE and it will happen ...........

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Praise the Lord ! 4th year , feel GREAT !

Feel great today , it's my 4th year.

Praise the Lord ! Thanks for his healing , his grace, mercy, love, blessing shower on me everyday .

Thanks for all the prayer .

Thanks my wife and daughter, my parent, sibling, relative and friends .

Thanks for all your care , support , prayer .

I love you all and may Lord bless you to have a great great day .

This year means lots to me, as end last year and early this year, I went thro' the high level of pain and poor body system and it take almost half a year for me to regain strength and feel good . Without the healing and blessing from Lord , support from my family and all of you, I may not be good as of today .

Look back to what happen on 24th June 2008, just feel it is amazing and it is a miracle for me .

I pray for many more years of quality life and pray fof wisdom from Lord to guide and lead me how to serve him, how to share my experience and knowledge to assist others.

Leaving Ho Chi Minh this afternoon for Kuala Lumpur . Manage to stay well for the last two nights , and will take good rest for the next couple of days, as it is very usual for me to feel tired after travelling, even for short trip.

Next thing to do is to fix appointment with my doctor and proceed with my blood test and scan. Pray for good result .

No worry , be HAPPY , eveything will be fine and looking forward to another year of good and quality life journey .

God bless !

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weather in Ho Chi Minh is as hot in KL .
Safely arrive here yesterday evening, after we miss the afternoon flight.
Well, by missing the flight, we have more time to enjoy our food in KL airport, no rushing for our meal , hahahaha, miss something and gain something.
Flight is okay , the hotel apartment we stay is nice and comfortable.
Will spend two nights here and be back home tomorrow .

Enjoy some nice Vietnamses food yesterday , yummy !

There is no changes overhere from my last visit, maybe more car on the road.
As the country open up , it is normal to see more and more rich getting richer and luxury thing getting more around the city .

God bless, my health condition for this travelling is good and pray for blessing to be good during my stay here , thanks God .

Eagerly looking forward to tomorrow , will tell you why in my next posting .

Well ! Feel GREAT .

May Lord bless us to have a joyful weekend

So, please take time for a rest and enjoy the blessing from Lord.

God bless.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Smoking kid

The campaign to stop smoking will contnue everyday , and new smoker will increase everyday too.

Lots of effort and more creative way to carry out the campaign been put in by various organisation, including the Government agencies , NGO and private sector.

I did not make a study into statistic to find out is the smoker population increase of decrease after years of effort in the campaign .

If you are a smoker and you are also worry about the inrease of young smoker or kid smoker , these is a good video for you to watch and think about it .

Say ' TAK NAK ' , time to stop smoking , if not for yourself, atleast do it for our children.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today news in The Star Online : Foundation registers patents for cancer treatment

Foundation registers patents for cancer treatment ------------------------------------------------ Thursday June 21, 2012 Foundation registers patents for cancer treatment By CHESTER CHIN PETALING JAYA: The Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation (CARIF) has registered three patents on new treatments for oral and nasopharyngeal cancer and hopes to conduct clinical trials within the next few years. “We have found proteins in cancer cells that are not present in normal cells and these can be targeted to treat cancer. “So far, we have developed new cancer cell lines from Asian patients that are being used all over the world to help us find cures for these cancers. “As Asians, our genes alter our risk for cancer and may cause us to develop or respond differently to treatment compared to Caucasians,” chief executive officer Prof Dr Teo Soo-Hwang said. The foundation's aim is to develop new targeted therapy with fewer side effects for cancers more common in Asians. CARIF is also researching over 5,000 species of local plants for anti-cancer compounds. “We are focusing on natural compounds that kill cancer cells but are not toxic to normal cells. This will help avoid the side effect of chemotherapy. “Recently, we found a number of promising candidates with anti-cancer properties and we have filed a patent for one of these.” The foundation has been conducting patient-oriented research and awareness campaigns for the past decade. It celebrates its 10th anniversary with a gala dinner today. CARIF also launched the second phase of its More Than A Mammo programme last month and hopes to recruit up to 3,000 women for a subsidised mammogram of RM50. Targeted at educating women on the importance of early breast cancer detection, the programme drew more than 1,000 participants within six months last year. “Last year's participants contributed to a study conducted in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute, Sweden. “Through that research, we hope to develop better ways to detect breast cancer in Asians,” she said.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Haze is back in Malaysia , it is bad for lung .

Haze is an annual affair for us in Malaysia toward the hot month in mid of every year.
It's reported in news that it's due to the burning in some area in Indonesia and the wind blow the smoke over to Malaysia.

It is hard to make decision whether to open window or just close it and stay Inside aircon room. At times, the smell from haze is terrible , kind of wood burning smell, normally towards night.

Outdoor brisk walking and exercise have to stop to avoid further damage to my lung , and need to drink lot of water. Well, it start about week, and yesterday is really bad, have to pray for rain to make air quality improve.

Hahahaha ! Finally there is reason for us to tell children stop to sing ' Rain Rain go away ' .

If situation of air quality not improve, soon the Government will call for all school to stop outdoor activity.

To all cancer patient, especially lung cancer, time to stop all out door exercise and stay indoor until the air quality improve.

Back pain ...

Lately. Back pain make a come back and it seems to cause by cold and sitting/sleeping position. Anyway, I am still monitoring closely on it.

When pain start to strike me few weeks ago, I took one tablet of panadol and manage to get it under control. It normally happen at night, when I am tired.
The same kind of pain strike me for two nights when I am in Shanghai after too much of walking , anyway, I manage to get it under control with panadol.

Last week it start to strike again at night, first night settle it with one tablet of panadol and second night , panadol only work for 2 hours and pain start to strike again. To avoid side effect of taking additional panadol with empty stomach, I sit in living hall for some food, and to my surprise, the pain go away . Then, I decided to off the aircon in my room , and it works , I sleep well without additional panadol
and pain.

Same pain still strike me any time of the day and what I do now is to wear double clothing when I am in aircon room, meantime, I will try to walk around and strech my body a bit to get the pain away before it get worst.

Well, so far it works and I plan to take a bone scan by end of this month when I go for CT scan appointment.

Praying for haze to end as soon as possible and back pain stop disturb me .

May Lord's blessing be with us always and guide us , lead us to live our life the way he want us to live .

God bless.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am back

Hi all ! I been missing since last post in May .
But, no worry , I am doing fine .
Just feel kind of tired since back from holiday and busy to get some of the things settle down.

God is great ! He answer my prayer and keep me well to make it for the trip.

I fly off with family on 25th May to Shanghai and safely back home in a week .
Was informed that weather is bad (rainy day) before we arrive in Shanghai and feel so blessed that the next few days after our arrival in Shanghai, it is sunny day.
Good for us to move around the city , but, a bit too hot in the afternoon . Morning and evening is nice . Except one of the day it is raining and just too cold for me, and end up I am feeling bad in the evening, but, manage to get it settle down with minimum problem to my lung with panadol, ginger and garlic . If not, I will be in big problem .

The city is nice to walk around and pack with people everywhere. Especially on Sat and Sun in main tourist area.

One of the day, we rent a taxi for a day trip to Suzhou and also visit one of the water village on the way back to Shanghai .

Overall, the trip is nice, a good family trip, we enjoy the food and everything, except some complain about their wash room .

Anyway, it is tiring with lots of walking .

Yesterday I went over to Hospice Malaysia in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, to join the day care . They organise day care twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday . We have group exercise in the morning and follow by some technic in breathing , thereafter, foot massage and so on with karaoke session . After lunch, we are free to take a nap or sit around to have a chat with each other, then, tea time we play Bingo game and it end about 3.30 pm.

The centre is clean and nice, volunteer in the centre is so caring and everything is very proper organise.

Big thanks to Hospice Malaysia and all the volunteer, they did a very very good job.

Wish I will get better and one day can join the volunteer team .

The nurse and doctor in Hospice Malaysia went thro' my medical report and make a brief check up on my condition . Looks like things under control , but, what happen inside of me , have to wait until I go for my coming CT scan.

If all goes well as per my plan, I will go for the scan after I get back from my travelling before end of this month .

Feel tired and time to take a rest .

God bless !