Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pain is part of my daily issue

I anticipated that  pain will be part of my daily issue since the first pain strike me hard early last year.

Start with  panadol and now Ultracet daily , sometime once a day and quite frequent now 3 times a day.

It's strange that some of the pain have schedule and some not. I can handle schedule pain without much problem, but, unschedule pain that strike on me without any warning is hard to deal , especially the pain that strike on my left chest , it's very painful and will make me breathless, as I can not have any deep breath. 

Thanks Lord blessing and healing, I manage to get thro' the sudden hard strike pain and regain my stable breath.

One thing I've learn in dealing with pain is to stay calm , pray to Lord, ask for his blessing and healing to relieve me from all pain . Meantime, listen to music is good and it help to calm us .

Never let the pain make us panic, as it'll make situation worst, especially when it cause shortness of breath.

Lord, I pray for your blessing and healing to relieve pain from our body and keep us alert and calm us .

Thank you Lord Jesus , Amen.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Less pain for the last few days

Feel good with less pain for the last few days .
Beside of the pain in right chest, especially the lower rib, back and other area is well under control.
Still continue with pain killer, as when needed .
So far works well , nothing much for me to complain ... :) .
Next week will make appointment with oncologist and plan for my 3 months schedule CT and MRI scan.
I am praying for a good scan result, where I will be allow to continue taking rest from treatment .
Meantime, I am trying my best to have 30 minutes brisk walking everyday and with some light exercise. So far it work well, just hope that I can continue with it .
Today feel very tired, not sure of what reason, I nap for more than an hour after morning brisk walking ( feel very tired ) , then, another one over hour nap by late afternoon.
Hopefully, tonight I can sleep well ... :).
I manage to maintain my plan to attend Hospice weekly day care for the last couple of week, feel good when I am there to join other patient for exercise , karaoke and sharing with each other . Thanks Hospice KL for organizing the daycare program.
Time to have my rest again , good night.
Lord, I feel so thankful for your healing and blessing, and pray for it continue to touch upon me and take away all the pain and treatment side effect.
Thanks Lord.

Friday, April 5, 2013

One day at a time

There is so much things happen to us in our life journey. .

There is no way we can handle all at one time .

Let's relax and listen to the song " One day at a time "

Wish you Enjoy the song and Enjoy your life .

Pray to Lord to bless us with NO STRESS life .

God Bless !