Sunday, June 19, 2011

Will watch and wait further .

It's 1 1/2 month now from the last CT scan.
Been think a lot and study, analyse my situation after two discussion with doctor .
Finally , I decided to continue my watch and wait approach for time being and will monitor very closely .
Doctor have given me suggestion for chemo drug options and also his opinion . Thanks so much for Dr John advice and assistance .
Thanks Lord for his continue healing for me to be strong and healthy .
Looking forward to next week , my 3rd year is around the corner , feel GREAT !

Great news for liver cancer patient in Malaysia . How about lung cancer ? Is Lung foundation Of Malaysia working on it too ?

The article in The Star Fit4life today ( 19th June 2011 ) about The NexPAP programme is such a good news to liver cancer patient

Thanks to Bayer HealthCare and Malaysian Liver Foundation (MLF).

Meantime, looking forward to Lung foundation of Malaysia to start working on some programme to assist lung cancer patient in Malaysia .

Sunday June 19, 2011
The NexPAP programme

NexPAP is a programme designed to assist Malaysian patients who have been diagnosed with liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma or HCC), and have been prescribed by their doctors to use sorafenib.

The programme aims to provide drug assistance to help patients in continuing with drug treatment for as long as medically required.

This programme is part of Bayer HealthCare Malaysia’s initiatives to provide drug assistance to Malaysian patients.

Bayer HealthCare is working in partnership with the Malaysian Liver Foundation (MLF) to run NexPAP.

As part of NexPAP, patients will purchase the first two months of sorafenib, after which Bayer HealthCare will donate free sorafenib for up to the next 12 months to patients, as long as medically required as determined by the prescribing physician.

How Does NexPAP Work?

1. The patient has been diagnosed with HCC by a medical professional.

2. The patient fulfils the eligibility criteria for NexPAP, such as:

·Malaysian citizenship or permanent residency

·Satisfactory income level based on certain criteria (subject to MLF approval).

·Ability to purchase the first two months’ treatment of sorafenib.

3. The patient to apply for NexPAP to MLF with prescribing doctor’s recommendation.

4. The application will be assessed by MLF based on entry criteria with supporting documentation.

5. The patient will receive application results from MLF via the prescribing doctor.

6. The patient needs to follow up with his/her prescribing doctor monthly for treatment of the disease, but collection of the monthly donation sorafenib will be from MLF.

According to Janice Chow, senior public relations manager with Bayer HealthCare, “We have a long and ongoing commitment to contribute to medical progress and to improve the quality of human health. Each NexPAP beneficiary has a truly heart-warming story to share and we are pleased to be able to help make a difference in their lives. We will continue to work with the Malaysian Liver Foundation on NexPAP to see more liver cancer patients benefit from treatment.”

Since the launch of the progarmme, more than 50 patients have benefited from it.

Patients can apply to the MLF for the NexPAP patient assistance programme with their prescribing doctor’s recommendation. For more information about liver cancer and NexPAP, please contact the foundation at 03-7842 6101.


Friday, June 17, 2011

What happen for last few weeks ...

A week before leaving KL for vacation with family, I take a good rest to ensure my body condition is at it best , so that I will not have problem with the 4 hours flight .

All goes well and manage to take the flight without any problem .

As the vacation is rather short , so, it make me a little tire after back in KL.

Since then until early this week, I am resting most of the time for a good recovery and been disturb with different type of sudden symptom that prompt me to think about whether my condition getting worst .

A week after back from vacation , one of the morning , I wake up with chest pain whenever I take a deep breath . Close monitoring with exercise , brisk walking in the morning and evening , follow-by some deep breathing exercise, it finally goes off after a few days .

But, do feel kind of tire in the afternoon, almost everyday . Overcome it by taking a nap in the afternoon .

Then, early this week, some extreme pain in one spot of my waist (towards the bone), when I touch it . Situation getting worst the next day , where , sitting up or moving , or cough , will feel sharp pain in the particular spot .

Finally decided to make an appointment with doctor for check -up and advise, just worry is it because the of cancer tumor in the bone getting active.

But, with wisdom from Lord , I wake up middle of the night and decided to apply Tiger Palm ointment to the spot and slowly rub it . It is painful, but, it did help to release pain after a while . Thereafter, I repeat the same after an hour .

It is so much better in the next morning and I decided to call up clinic to cancel doctor appointment and will monitor it for few more days.

I continue to use the ointment to rub it for 4 times yesterday and feel great today .

The pain have not goes off 100% , but, it is very minor now.

Feel great today and pray Lord will continue to bless and heal me . Also to give me wisdom .

Thanks Lord , Amen.