Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smooth chemo procedure today

Today proceed with the schedule chemo with Alimta and all goes well .
Until now , beside a bit of tire , all well . Only problem is can not sleep, hopefully can overcome it and have good nite rest.
Have received CEA tumor marker blood test reading today and it happen like the situation in Sept last year . CEA reading shot up after chemo , but, this time the increase is about 70% , from abt 1000 to abt 1700 , break the new record.
Hopefully the reason is due to the chemo drug working in destroying cancer tumor .
Anyway, most important is the scan report .
So, will leave this matter aside and monitor on next blood test and to make decision whether proceed CT scan 3 weeks later or to do it after another cycle of chemo.
Thanks Lord for his blessing for my smooth chemo procedure .

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Am I really strong and no fear ?

Am I ?
Am I no fear in facing the result of scan report ?
Am I no worry when fluid buidling up in lung ?
Am I not scare to say yes and proceed for the procedure to drain out those fluid from lung ?
Am I no fear to start chemo again and worry about the side effect ?
Am I ... Am I ... Am I ... Am I really so strong ?
No ! I am still worry .
No ! Fear still disturb me .
Some time I am scare to take the test because I am worry about the result.
So what ! ... I am just a normal human being .
It is nothing wrong to have fear , to worry and to feel scare. I am not robot.
What is important is to have the support to help me to do away fear , worry and scare.
I am so grateful that Lord is there for me whenever I am in fear and worry .
I am thankful that Lord always there to give me strength to overcome it and bring me joy to live my life the way he want us to live.
Pray to Lord for his mercy, peace and love from Lord will fall on us and we will feel the peace of mind .
Praise the Lord !
Wish all of us will enjoy our day and use our strength to do good .
God Bless !