Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking forward to 2012

It's 30th Dec 2011 today , feel great ! Two days to 2012 .
Things goes well for last couple of days.
Have another visit o Chinese doctor therapy on Tuesday and get another week of medicine .
Can feel body system getting better each day, looks like the treatment and medicine is working .
Not sleeping too well yesterday, could be due to little over stress myself yesterday. Lunch with friend and follow by visiting a friend back from Europe , stage 4 lung cancer , like me . Then, rush to KL for dinner and reach home already over 11 pm. Very tired.
Anyway, after my light exercise , brisk walking and medicine , still feel okay for the morning .
Kind of relieve today when read the blog of CT Chang and get to know that he is doing fine with the HIFU treatment for cancer in China for his kidney and lung and have a good recovery.
Praying Lord to bless him with good and fast recovery , and looking forward to see him back in KL for New Year .

2012 , I am looking forward to it . It will be a Good year .
No matter what happen, as long we take things easy , live simple and with Lord's blessing , everyday is a great day , good day , joyful day ...

Happy 2012 !!!

Cheers !

Sunday, December 25, 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS ... Joy to the world .

Merry Christmas and Good Day to everyone .
Thanks Lord for his blessing and healing , I am here today with a thankful/grateful heart to celebrate Christmas with my family and wishing all of you a JOYFUL Christmas days .

Yesterday mark the 3 1/2 years for me and today is the 4th Christmas , Lord is great . Praise the Lord .

Have a nice dinner with my family yesterday and sleep early .
Today mornng I feel fresh and have a good walk and light exercise, body system feel good and pray Lord will bless me to have good recovery .
A short nap after lunch recharge my body energy and looking forward to join a dinner in my sister in-law house.

The stable scan result is the best Christmas gift I have , thanks Lord .
Meantime, Siew Wai have send me a message about friend decided to quit smoking after following my blog and he make it . Feel great for him and wish he will keep it up . It is such a good Chistmas news for me .
I wish more smoker will quite smoking in coming days . Save our lung and appreciate our lung when it function well . It is so nice when we can walk fast , run , carry thing without short breath . Take care of it and enjoy our life .

Once again , Merry Christmas and have a good day.

God Bless .

Friday, December 23, 2011

What a good news for this Christmas , GREAT !

My wife been asking me when to go for my scan and I just can not make up my mind .
Especially the keep changing condition for the last couple of weeks .
It is my practice that I will not go for my CT scan or any test when my body condition is weak or when I have kind of funny feeling to face the result . It is the reason that I prefer to do it after Christmas, so that whatever is the result , it may not spoil my Christmas mood .

Then, on Tuesday this week, before I went to the Chinese doctor therapy , I just feel that I should do it this week .
Right after the treatment and my lunch , while on the way, something come into my mind that I should delay it.
God bless , before I turn and enter KL-Putrajaya expressway, I decided to keep to my plan and call up hospital and drive over to get scan appointment done and have my form for yesterday appoitment.

All well arrange and drive home. Suddenly it is a sudden change to my condition on Tuesday evening . My stomach start upset again and I got the pulling pain in my armpit area for the night . Not sleeping well and it then cause my back and shoulder pain .

Thanks Lord, finally pain go away and have a better sleep on Wednesday night .

Yesterday is actually very tired, but, since I have make up my mind, I decided to proceed with it .

While on the way to hospital, Chris ask me, what will be the plan after the scan and test report ? My answer is that I have not think about it at all and I actually think about how to deal with the daily or weekly condition changes I am facing now.
But, in a way, I feel odd , because I am so calm yesterday and what I want is just get it done soonest , so that , I can eat my breakfast and get my report in the afternoon . No more have the worry of What will happen , IF .... , and no more the excitement to look forward to some positive result .

Anyway, all goes well with the scan and blood test procedure . Feel tired and no appetite to eat . Maybe it is the side effect of the contrast agent injected to my body for the CT Scan. Just want to get the result, meet up with doctor and go home for a good rest .

Finally , I got my report after lunch. Overall , it show not much changes from the previous scan in end Sept. '11 , or after the last chemo on early Oct '11, means STABLE . Anyway, the biggest tumor now has a new number ... 12 cm , and previous scan is 11.9 cm . The changes is minimum . As for CEA tumor marker, it raise from 2400+ to 2600+ , less then 10%

Praise the Lord !

Feel great ! Feel good !
Joy to the world .
Joy to everyone .

God bless .

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just notice I have not update my blog for so many days.
Been busy dealing with my keep changing condition and I start visiting Treatment Diaries support forum recently.
My condition is good for the last few days , feel good .
Christmas tree already set up by my lovely daughter and after some fine tune , it looks great .
Thanks , Natalie , you are great .
Feel tired every few hours, need rest and a nice nap ... :)
With the rest and nap along the day, I end up start waking up midnight or very early in the morning .
No worry ! Can deal with it and it will back to normal soon .
Some pain in armpit and lower chest bone on my right , strike me yesterday night . Not a bad one , thanks Lord,
I manage to sleep without problem . Go to bed at 10am and wake up about 4.30am , not bad , should not complain.
Once I wake up, pain start to strike again.
Decided to log in to Treatment Diaries forum to read some posting and share my thought.
It's amazing that while I am putting up some positive sharing , I notice the pain start going away and finally it's like
taking away by Lord , like what I pray in my posting . Feel great ! Praise the Lord .
Looking forward to family dinner tonight for early celebration of winter festival .

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December again

Back home on Thursday , the flight journey all fine , except bad landing in KLIA . Not sure it's because of the pilot or weather.
Anyway, been sometime not taking MAS flight for HCM visit and find that they did make some good improvement . Airplane condition improve and for the return journey, it's new plane with LCD panel for movie , not sure is it just for this trip . Food also improve , great , keep it up . Air fare for last minute booking still a few hundred ringgit higher than Air Asia , so, the fly can not afford to join the flight ... LOL .
Last month trip to HCM with Air Asia , still flying with some fly ... Everyone can FLY , some what's wrong , FLY can fly ... :)
Went for the Abdominal traditional therapy yesterday noon, reach home in late afternoon , take a nap at 4 pm and wake up at 6.30pm , good nap , feel good .
Go to bed about 10pm and as expected wake up midnight , too much sleep in the afternoon .
Overall feel good .
Kind of tired on Thursday morning, before leaving HCM , but, fortunately manage to sleep well .
Christmas is coming and follow by New Year , 2012 . Looking forward , but, do not have the feeling of looking forward for celebration, it's more of looking forward to make it for another Christmas and New Year .
Bad, this is not good , this is not positive thinking , but .................. , it's okay ! It's fine ! I will overcome it and adjust in next couple of days . Maybe , it's time to spend some time outdoor to have a feel of the festival atmosphere , or start listening to Christmas song .
Well , next CT scan should be few days before Christmas , wish that scan result is good and show my condition remain stable, so that, I can hold on my next chemo therapy to after Chinese New Year . Just don't feel good if I have to deal with all the side effect and stay at home during Chinese New Year and I am sure parent will feel worry .
Lord , please bless me to have a good scan result and continue to touch me with your healing power , so that I can have a good time , joyful Chinese New Year celebration with my family .
May Lord blessing for all of you and wish everyone to have Joy , Happiness and Good Health .
Thank you Lord .

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am flying again ... GREAT !

Feel great !
I am flying again , safe arrival in HCM this afternoon and all goes well .
Lord is Great . Praise the LORD .
After weeks not feeling well, I been wondering whether can make it for this month visit. Thanks God , thing goes well since last Tuesday visit to the Chinese doctor and I have the second treatment yesterday .
They call it Abdominal Traditional Therapy .
Discuss with the doctor, I can have 2 treatment a week , most likely I will start for 2 weekly by this week .
Meantime, will also continue with the chinese medicine ( powder ) .
My overall condition after the treatment and medicine since last Tuesday.
- Overall feel good
- Less cough ; less phlegm
- Seldom have fresh blood in phlegm
- Daily clearing of clot blood , normally mid night or early morning
- Back pain getting better.
- Pain around Armpit area. No change. hopefully can see some improvement in coming week
- Stomach upset, it back again on last Saturday . yesterday after treatment and new medicine, feel better .
and ... I feel confidence to travel.
Looking forward to better recovery and hopefully can go ahead for a family vacation before end of the year .
God Bless .

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mistake ...

Make a mistake last week.
Because of the pain in armpit area not going off, I thought it may due to inflammation and therefore decided to take some steroid drug , after 4 times of steroid ( low dosage with 3 times a day ) there's no sign of improvement, so I stop it immediate.
The drug cause me side effect of hiccup for two days and totally upset my stomach. ( same type of side effect for the first few days of chemo treatment ).
Because of stomach problem, I got backache .
I took pain killer ( this time I took one tablet only ) and unfortunately pain killer not working after hours and worst , I end up tired for the next two days.
Not sure whether it is good or bad, but, it is a matter of fact that It help me to have very good rest and sleep for two days. Just eat, sleep , wake up , sit for two hours, go back to bed again for couple of hours.
Finally , side effect over on Tuesday and I decided to visit a Chinese doctor in KL.
He listen to my problem and check my pulse, that suggested me to take up a simple treatment and medication for a week to boost my immune system for recovery from the weak body system.
It is very simple treatment, he put some ointment around belly button area , stomach and chest, that use an instrument ( kind of instrument to generate some heat ) to warm the belly button area.
Treatment took an hour and it is quite comfortable , as long as the adjustment of heat is right .
I start the medication on Tuesday afternoon and feel tired and body is warm. But, not really can sleep well . On Wednesday , I continue with it and after a good afternoon nap , I feel so much better .
Yesterday ( Thursday ) I am back in atleast 70% of my energy level , I drove to airport to pickup friend, then meet up with others in Klang couple of hours .
I feel tired towards evening and get a good sleep from 9 pm to about 2 am .
I should rest more for the next few days to ensure a good and full recovery .
Praise the Lord . Thanks so much for blessing and healing .
Looking forward to next week treatment and a good recovery .
Good nite ! Time to sleep , wish me have a good rest .
God bless .