Saturday, January 28, 2012

Year of Dragon

So fast, today is the 6th day of year of Dragon .
Been busy since new year eve until yesterday with reunion dinner, all the visiting , family and friend gathering. With all the food and not having proper rest , finally body system give warning yesterday afternoon with sore throat and feel like going to fall sick.
Late afternoon , took vitamin C and start to drink water to flush body heat , have a good nap . After dinner, took my supplement and go to bed early . Wake up mid night, use salt water to clear my throat , drink two glass of water and 1/2 glass of ginger water, then, back to sleep . Feeling better this morming , but, not recover yet . Get back to simple healthy diet with vege and small portion of food , end up with meal every two to three hours . Continue with salt water clear my throat and eat some garlic . Feeling much much better now . But, will need atleast another day of proper rest and diet control to ensure full recovery.
Great ! As long as my body alarm system is working and alert me , it is good ! Anyway, this alarm also alert me that I am too relax for the past weeks on diet and I should seriously back to discipline myself, before anything goes wrong .
I am falling to the problem that I have highlighted sometime ago . When we getting a little better each day, we start to give lot of reason to take more and more unhealthy food and start to relax on many right things that we should do . Then, we end up with body system knockdown .
I wish that my condition will not be too bad and will fully recover in next couple of days, so that , I am ready to start treatment anytime next month.
Time to have good rest , proper diet , execise .
Wishing everyone have a Joyful and Happy day .
Happy New Year !!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Only know the real feeling after we experience it

For the last 3 over years, I have experienced many kind of side effect from Chemo treatment. Every new experience give me more understanding to the feeling of other cancer patient.

Unless we experience it ourself, if not , it is really difficult to visualise how bad can it be .

For the past years, when I read sharing from others about breathless, when my aunty ( who have lung and heart problem ) told me how difficult for her to rely on the oxygen machine 24hours a day , how difficult for her to deal with the day to day, where she will feel breathless having her shower without the oxygen support .

I can sense that it is difficult , it's hard , but, how worst can it be, I do not know.

Recently, when I start to experience breathless, when I walk fast , when I walk all the way to another floor without stop, when I carry my travelling luggage walking in airport . I start to understand , breathless is really a serious issue and it is no fun , we can not take it lightly .

Same happen to the experience of pain because of the possibility of tumor pressing on nerve . It is really distubing when it happen and the kind of pain is difficult to explain for another person to understand it . But, if I am talking about it with another patient who have experience it, he will fully understand how bad is it .

Some care taker , family member or friends may think that the patient is just lazy to move around, lazy to do things or not positive enough to face the situation, when the patient not responding to them or laid back and taking rest the whole day .

But, in actual fact, most of the patient is trying to have some quiet time, to pray or to relax , in order to deal with the pain, the pain may not be very painful , but, it is just very disturbing and sometime, it is like pulling or poking every other minutes for hours or for the day .

I pray to Lord to answer our prayer and guide us how to deal with the situation, when we going through pain and all type of side effect or cancer treatment.

God Bless .

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glad to be back in KL on Sunday evening . All well , but, as normal , feel tired , it could be due to the aircon in the flight , in airport and in hotel . Anyway, even a normal healthy person, will normally feel tired after an oversea trip , so, it's nothing wrong for me to feel tired.

I notice that for brisk walking at home is fine with me , but, when walking somewhere outside is kind of stress for me . So, basically I did not walk much outdoor when I am in HCM , except going out to buy some mineral water or walk to nearby bakery or restaurant . In airport, I will walk slow , try to keep the speed of my brisk walking , if not I will feel kind of breathless .

Walk up staircase is another issue for me, lucky that I am staying in apartment with lift . Or , I have to watch out and go slow .

Yesterday after visiting my TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) doctor to take some medicine and have the therapy , I feel better . Then, I went to KL to buy something , park my car and walk a short distance , also have to walk up one flight of staircase. With the hot weather , dusty air in KL , it's really a big test for me . Feel a little breathless after the walk and have to slow down to get my breath back to normal.

Looks like my lung condition is getting bad, could be cause by the tumour.

Anyway, since I have learn in the past 3 1/2 years how to live with lung cancer, I should not have problem to learn how to live with my existing lung condition . I will make it . With the healing and blessing from Lord, I will over come it ... :) .

Weather is hot, it's just too hot . Hopefully rain will be back tonight . Miss the cooling weather .

All well , all well , everything will be good and well .

God Bless.

Friday, January 13, 2012

TET Holiday

The gastric medicine did help , but, somehow have some side effect, I feel tired .
Since yesterday I reduce it to once a day, instead of twice a day and feel better.
Hopefully it still works with once a day , so that I can have a comfortable travelling tomorow .
Anyway, comparing with my condition in Nov and Dec , I have nothing to complain and I feel grateful and thankful to the healing from Lord .
Looking forward to tomorrow travelling and wish all goes well . This trip I will just stay overnight, since Lunar New Year is around the corner, everyone in Vietnam should be very busy getting ready for the New Year celebration, so, better for me to make a short visit and back home.
In Vietnam they call Lunar New Year , TET Holiday and most offices closed for holiday as early as 21st Jan and will only resume operation on 28th Jan . It is a big celebration in Vietnam .
Looking forward to coming Sunday for reunion dinner with family , feel GOOD !

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wealth vs Health

When we are young, majority of us go all out to chase for wealth .
We think that we are the strongest and we will not fall .
We refuse to take any advice about health, we only interested how to build our wealth.
One day we finally fall, we left with wealth without health.
We start to worry and try to use our wealth to get back health.
But, health is just like wealth, you can not have it build overnight.
We go thro' all the suffering, some of us make it and many give up .
We start talking to the young and advise them to look into their health when building up their wealth and most of the young will not listen to it, they are just like us when we are young .
Time for us to educate our children when they are young, not until the day when they start chasing after wealth and forgot about health .
Lord, please guide us and our children to live our life the way you want us to live .

God bless.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good morning !
It's 10th Jan 2012 today .
Nothing special for the last 9 days , still carry on my Chinese therapy and medicine .
So far it help to boost my energy and improve/ strengthen my body system, but, not manage to solve my stomach upset .
Other than that everything goes well .
Thanks Lord , thanks for His blessing and healing to keep me well and let me have a good recovery .
Praise the Lord !

After about 5 weeks into the Chinese therapy and medication, yesterday, I decided to pay a visit to nearby clinic to get some
western medication to treat my stomach problem. I think it is time to do something else and should not let the problem prolong .
Explained my situation to doctor and inform her about my cancer treatment, she suggest me to take Apo-Ranitidine (Zantac)300mg,
It is for gastritis/ulcer, a tablet every 12 hours .
I start the medication yesterday 4pm and temporary stop the chinese medication . For until now , it works well and I just take the medicine for second time at 3.30am .
If all goes well by 8am, I will start my chinese medicine again .
Believe it and it will works , wait for my good news .

I do not know and can not tell you what is ahead for me, but, I know that if we believe Lord have plan for us and good day is ahead of us , it will happen .

God bless .

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good morning 2012

Good morning !
it's 5.34 am in Malaysia , I did not join any count down yesterday to say bye bye to 2011, just too tired, have to sleep ... :) .
Anyway , I am here to welcome 2012 .
Good morning 2012 !
Whatever happen in 2011 is over , I wish everyone have offload and say bye bye to all the unhappy moment in 2011 , if not yet do so, it is time to do it , go , go , go , offload it and keep only the happy moment , happy event of 2011 in our memory .
Let all the worry , fear , anxiety , pain , depression , ... , all go away from us .
Let's welcome 2012 with a Joyful heart .
Forget about all the negative prediction of 2012 about the world economy .
Let us start the first day of 2012 , start this new year with prayer to Lord . Lord, please bless us everyday in 2012 is a GOOD day .
Be it good day or bad day , sunny day or rainy day , with Lord , it's always a JOYFUL day .
I feel great and wish you have a good day .

Actually I would like to make a review of what happen in 2011 and finally decided not to, as it's over . But, I like to share with you that I feel very thankful and grateful with all the support from my wife , my little girl , my family , friends and all of you .
Thanks for all the prayer and I am so glad to feel good with my body condition on the first day of 2012 .
It is just great , it's a great start of the year .
It is the blessing and healing from Lord and your support that manage to turn around my body condition for the last couple of weeks .
Thank you , thank you , thank you .

God bless.