Sunday, April 22, 2012

What are my treatment goal ?

Praise the Lord ! I'm safely back home yesterday . But, the landing in KLIA yesterday is terrible, one of the worst plane landing I ever experience. The plane landed with a strong hit on the runway , I am not sure is there any passenger have spine problem or slip disk problem, if so, I feel bad for them. In one of the online cancer forum, I read and come across one very good question. What are my goals for treatment ? Is it to cure the cancer , control the cancer , or relieve symptons ? For me , I am looking at control the cancer and relieve symptons . But, if the treatment can happen to cure the cancer , it is a bonus . I am not giving up hope on treatment, just that I know well the traditional treatment will not cure the cancer, but, it will help to control it and relieve symptons. I believe the curing will only happen with the miracle healing power from Lord . I am praying everyday for the healing from Lord to heal me from cancer, heal me from all sickness and heal me from all the side effect of cancer treatment. I am praying to Lord to restore my body system , so that, my body will be strong, clean and healthy and therefore, the cancer cell and cancer tumour will not be able to stay , to survive in my body. I am praying with the healing power from Lord, the cancer tumour will shrink , reduce in size and dissolve, and my body will be set free from cancer and fully recover. I know Lord have plan for each of us and he know what is the best for us, what we need to do is to believe and have faith . I am thankful for all the prayer from my family , relative and friend . Thanks . Thanks Lord, I pray for your blessing to touch upon my family, relative, friends and everyone who is reading this posting, and please continue to guide and lead us to live our life the way you want us to live . Amen .

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ho Chi Minh, I am here again.

Feel great ! Safe landing yesterday here in Vietnam .

Thanks Lord's blessing and all the prayer, I make it for this trip .

Today, everything goes well and manage to get things done as per plan .

Leaving tomorrow back home .

The traffic in this city is getting worst with more and more car.

Still remember the first trip arrive here about ten years back, car on the road is limited and the traffic is already crazy with motorcycle, and today, traffic is a big mixing of motorcycle and car .

The city and life style of the people change so much , inflation getting worst, price of food and all essential item for basic living keep increase, life is hard here for the majority.

Bank interest is high for car loan, house loan and especially for business loan, was told it's over 20% annual interest.

Think about it, should feel happy with our loan interest in Malaysia .

Time to sleep , Good nite !

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just a little stop in our life journey

Life is a journey, and sickness is just a little stop along the way for us to pause and reflect, and move on .

I like the above quote .

It is so true .

Along the journey , we have so many stop , just like travelling in highway for long distance drive, we need to take a stop for wash room , take a stop for food , take a stop for refresh , take a stop for ...

Along our life journey, we make many SICKNESS stop , sometime it is a stop for a day and sometime longer .

As when we have to take a SICKNESS stop, it means our body is not happy, or something attack our body. In short it is the alarm or alert from our body to call us for the stop, so that we can rest , refresh , before we move on.

If we insist not to stop and keep moving, we will end up for the OVERHAUL stop , just like when our car need to rest for a while in highway and we don't care and move on, our car will end up breakdown for towing to workshop for overhaul.

Cancer is like the OVERHAUL stop in our life journey . It is the strong alarm from our body inform us that we need a big rest , big overhaul .
If we accept it and proceed with some good overhaul arrangement (treatment) , and have a good rest , change of life style , change of diet , we will move on our journey once recover . Or, we will stop forever .

But, because this is a stop for major overhaul, so, there's a need for good study and reseach into type of treatment, type of diet and so on, in order to get a good or full recovery . Sometime, the condtion is extreme bad and therefore need more time and patient to deal with all types of discomfort and complication during the overhaul works, so, we need to be patient and learn how to deal with this long stop .

I pray to Lord to guide us and bless us with wisdom to deal with all kind of stop in our life journey .

I also pray to Lord to bless me for a safe and joyful journey to Vietnam today .

Feel good that I am flying again .

Praise the Lord .

God bless.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Plan to fly next week

Praise the Lord !
I am doing quite well last week .
Have a good lunch catch up with friends and pay a visit to office .
Planning now for next week oversea visit, wish all goes well and body/immune system works well.

Been very busy last couple of days to get some of the overdue works done, such as banking and insurance .
Feel kind of tired, but, feel good to get it done, so that I do not need to worry about it anymore.

Today, I get a good rest and plan in coming days to have more overdue things to settle down and better organise.

Yesterday suppose to go for my chemo therapy and decided to delay it, if not I will not be fit to travel nextweek .
Plan to do it after back from oversea trip, but, if my condition is very very good , may delay it to June , after the school holiday .

Overall feel great for the last one week.

I got my blood test report on Monday, not much changes , except CEA reading go up slightly .

Thanks Lord . Amen.