Monday, December 28, 2009


When I was told surgery and radiation is not an option for me and Chemotherapy will be the treatment, I am wondering, what is " Chemotherapy " ?
Since last year. I went thro' 6 cycles of Chemotherapy with Carboplatin + Taxol ; 3 cycles with Cisplatin + Alimta ; 3 cycles with Alimta and I wish that my sharing of following information can be helpful to other cancer patient and care taker.

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What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy (also called chemo) is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells.

How does chemotherapy work? Chemotherapy works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells, which grow and divide quickly. But it can also harm healthy cells that divide quickly, such as those that line your mouth and intestines or cause your hair to grow. Damage to healthy cells may cause side effects. Often, side effects get better or go away after chemotherapy is over.

What does chemotherapy do? Depending on your type of cancer and how advanced it is, chemotherapy can:
-Cure cancer - when chemotherapy destroys cancer cells to the point that your doctor can no longer detect them in your body and they will not grow back.
-Control cancer - when chemotherapy keeps cancer from spreading, slows its growth, or destroys cancer cells that have spread to other parts of your body.
-Ease cancer symptoms (also called
palliative care) - when chemotherapy shrinks tumors that are causing pain or pressure.

How is chemotherapy used? Sometimes, chemotherapy is used as the only cancer treatment. But more often, you will get chemotherapy along with surgery, radiation therapy, or biological therapy.
Chemotherapy can:
- Make a tumor smaller before surgery or radiation therapy. This is called neo-adjuvant chemotherapy.
- Destroy cancer cells that may remain after surgery or radiation therapy. This is called
adjuvant chemotherapy.
- Help radiation therapy and biological therapy work better.
- Destroy cancer cells that have come back (
recurrent cancer) or spread to other parts of your body (metastatic cancer).

How does my doctor decide which chemotherapy drugs to use?
This choice depends on:
-The type of cancer you have. Some types of chemotherapy drugs are used for many types of cancer. Other drugs are used for just one or two types of cancer.
- Whether you have had chemotherapy before
- Whether you have other health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease

How is chemotherapy given? Chemotherapy may be given in many ways.
Injection. The chemotherapy is given by a shot in a muscle in your arm, thigh, or hip or right under the skin in the fatty part of your arm, leg, or belly.
-Intra-arterial (IA). The chemotherapy goes directly into the artery that is feeding the cancer.
Intraperitoneal (IP). The chemotherapy goes directly into the peritoneal cavity (the area that contains organs such as your intestines, stomach, liver, and ovaries).
Intravenous (IV). The chemotherapy goes directly into a vein.
-Topically. The chemotherapy comes in a cream that you rub onto your skin.
-Orally. The chemotherapy comes in pills, capsules, or liquids that you swallow.

How often will I receive chemotherapy?
Treatment schedules for chemotherapy vary widely. How often and how long you get chemotherapy depends on:
-Your type of cancer and how advanced it is
-The goals of treatment (whether chemotherapy is used to cure your cancer, control its growth, or ease the symptoms)
-The type of chemotherapy
-How your body reacts to chemotherapy . You may receive chemotherapy in cycles. A cycle is a period of chemotherapy treatment followed by a period of rest. For instance, you might receive 1 week of chemotherapy followed by 3 weeks of rest. These 4 weeks make up one cycle. The rest period gives your body a chance to build new healthy cells.

How will I feel during chemotherapy? Chemotherapy affects people in different ways. How you feel depends on how healthy you are before treatment, your type of cancer, how advanced it is, the kind of chemotherapy you are getting, and the dose. Doctors and nurses cannot know for certain how you will feel during chemotherapy. Some people do not feel well right after chemotherapy. The most common side effect is fatigue, feeling exhausted and worn out. You can prepare for fatigue by:
-Asking someone to drive you to and from chemotherapy
-Planning time to rest on the day of and day after chemotherapy
-Getting help with meals and childcare the day of and at least 1 day after chemotherapy. There are many ways you can help manage chemotherapy side effects. For more information, see the
Side Effects At-A-Glance section.

How will I know if my chemotherapy is working?
Your doctor will give you physical exams and medical tests (such as blood tests and x-rays). He or she will also ask you how you feel. You cannot tell if chemotherapy is working based on its side effects. Some people think that severe side effects mean that chemotherapy is working well. Or that no side effects mean that chemotherapy is not working. The truth is that side effects have nothing to do with how well chemotherapy is fighting your cancer.

For more information, i.e. pls read from

Meantime, I feel that in order to have a smooth ; peaceful and successful treatment, patient should take note the following :-

> Do not be bother by all the hearsay informations. You should get the correct and update information from Government official website or Hospital .

The following are the recommended website by my doctor ( ; ; ) and there are many more good website with very good and resourceful information.
> Do not make a sudden change of diet , i.e. immediate change to full vegetarian. Cancer patient need proper/balance diet with good nutrient to build up their immune system and be healthy to cope with the treatment.
> Reseach for information of possible side effect . It help us not to panic and be very alert in monitoring the side effect during the treatment.
> Avoid fear and worry , as it is the number one enemy for cancer patient. Cancer is not the end of the world , stay positive ; stay healthy ; stay happy .
> Be serious of hygiene . During treatment, chemo drug will attack not only cancer cell. It will also attack and harm good cell and therefore may lower the patient immune system . Just keep in mind that cancer patient can not afford to fall sick .
> Listen to your body . No more stress your body . Listen to your body, when it say " Hello ! I am tire, please sleep now " , you should sleep . You need good rest for speedy recovery .
> Exercise or brisk walking . Discuss with your doctor and if your body allow, try to have some light exercise . Brisk walking is good .

We all know that it is not an easy journey, but, if we are prepare well physically and mentally to face it, we will minimise the possible side effect .............. " Sometime, surprise bring us joy & happiness, but, most of the time, it make us panic . " , so, get prepare to avoid surprise.

God bless

Friday, December 25, 2009

What so special about this Christmas ?

Is this year Christmas special to you ... ?
For me , it is special ...
It is definitely special and it is SO Special for me .
As I am 1 1/2 years now , isn't it GREAT .. :)
Lord is great , Praise the LORD .
It is a great journey in LIFE for me for the last 1 1/2 years and learn so much .

Learn to live a more meaningful LIFE
Learn that the world is still full of LOVE , Love from Lord ; family ; relative ; friend .
Learn that the power of support is so great , it is the power of support with Love and Sincerity that make many of us have courage to figth the battle .
Learn that it is by Grace of Lord keep us moving on .
And the most important is that I learn to rejoice , even in our suffering :-
".... , ..we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;
perseverance, character; and charater, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God
has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. "
ROMANS 5 : 3-5 (NIV)

On this special Christmas day , may Lord bless the world with peace ; bless us with Joy , happiness and good health ; bless us with wisdom & knowledge to know His will ; bless all the cancer patient to be healed and fully recover .

Thank you Lord .

.............Merry Christmas ..................

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fear ; worry ... the number one enemy for cancer patient

The most depressing for cancer patient is : -
... when Doctor inform and confirm it is cancer
... when result of scan ; blood test ... show no improvement ; deteriorating .
The feel of fear and worry will start .
And it affect the emotion of the patient ; it cause negative thinking to patient ; it lead the patient to be more depressing .
All the mentioned effect will lead the condition of patient to deteriorate further and therefore, as cancer patient , we must bring ourself back to face the fact of the sickness positively and not to let the feel of fear and worry control us .
Many times, cancer patient will ask doctor or the doctor will inform about the balance days without treatment or with treatment .
In most of the cases for end stage cancer, patient been inform of 2 to 3 months to go, if without treatment and days will prolong for a year or more , if proceed for treatment , depends on the patient reaction to the drug or the radiation or surgery.
But, there is no definite answer and the survivor of the cancer patient is depends on many many factors , we can not base on the staging to determine .
Anyway, no one can decide how long we will live, except God . When it is time for our beloved God to call us home, it is the time we leave .
Therefore, we should not be fear or worry about it .
Stay positive and ask for counselling if needed .
Join the support group and discuss with other cancer survivor .
Read informations about cancer treatment .
The more we know : -
- about cancer
- how others go thro' the treatment
- kind of diet and supplement we need to build or immune system
- how to stay positive
The fear and worry will stay away from us ,
And we can pray to Lord for his healing and to strengthen our body, mind and soul .
Walk with Lord , talk to Lord when we are in fear and worry. Our loving Lord will give us Love and Peace.
Let's pray that by grace we will stay strong and away from fear and worry .
God Bless

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Living with Lung Cancer ...... what is ahead of us ?

Just like most of you , I hv read many books, articles, testimony and blogs about life after diagnosed with cancer , life after treatment and life of many many cancer survivor .
It is so encouraging and it keep us moving forward .
Especially the sharing of informations ; experience in some of the community message board ( i.e. Cancer Compass ( ) , it is so great to see the cancer patient and care taker support each other , especially during the tough time of going thro' some of the treatment side effect .
I been plan to start a blog to share my experience ; my thoughts ; my suggestion , and I am glad that today , I finally did it .
I will be putting up my informations in coming days and wish the sharing from me will help and guide others .
So, what is ahead of us ...." Living with Lung Cancer " .... ?
Be frank , I am not so sure and I am seaching for the answer .
One of the answer I hv is to share our experience in LIFE ( be it our experience in living with cancer ; our experience in our career or profession ; our experience in how to hv a happy family life ; our experience in walking with Lord ....... ) with others.
When I was diagnosed with cancer, I told myself , it is God's will for me to go thro' it and to share what I'm going to experience , with people who need the information
But, whatever is the answer ..... what is most important is to LIVE everyday with LOVE and stay happy , and Lord will guide us thro' everyday .