Monday, June 24, 2013

5th anniversary . It's amazing , God's healing is so Amazing .

Praise the Lord ! 

It's my 5th anniversary today .

Thanks God , it is his miracle healing keep me strong .

For a patient like me, without the miracle healing from God, it is not possible to live here sharing my experience with you.

The chemo drug play a part in the treatment, but , divine healing is the one guiding me and all the doctor and medical professional for the last 5 years .

Thanks for all your prayer and support .

Thanks for the prayer and support from my family and friends.

No doubts the weather and air condition is bad today and school be instructed to closed for a day .

But, my heart just feeling good and thankful .

I am praying for God's healing continue to heal me and guide me, bless me with wisdom and knowledge.

I am looking forward to the next target for another 5 years and pray to God for the coming 5 years to be pain free and I can spend more time with my wife and daughter for travelling , meantime , I have a stronger body system and energy to move around and share with others about my experience with God and my treatment journey .

Thank you ! Thank you ! 

May God healing and blessing will touch upon all the cancer patient and heal us, guide us and bless us a complete recovery .

God Bless !

Sunday, June 23, 2013

HAZE , it's back , terrible , one more song to sing " Haze , Haze , Go away ! "

I hate the current weather and air condition with the HAZE getting worst day after day .

The smell of the haze is terrible and the worst is that those particles in the air is bad and affected out health, especially our lung .

Many with asthma already been affected and landed in hospital or clinic .

This situation is really bad and terrible for Lung cancer patient . To avoid or reduce risk , we should stay indoor and closed all the window .

Staying indoor with aircon 24 hours is not a good idea too, as it is not really good for our lung too, but, what to do, it is better then breath in the smelly and hazadous haze particles .

Lord , I pray for your intervention to the haze situation in Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia . Please help to get the Haze go away , Please help to speak to people who still carry out open burning and please help to guide the Government authority to find some good and immediate solution to get the Haze away .

Let's join me to sing " Haze , haze , go away ! "

Thanks all .

God Bless !

Friday, June 21, 2013

Pain is back ... Let's sing " Pain , Pain , Go away "

After enjoying  pain free days for the last few weeks , it's back .

Since last few days, trying my best to deal with it without using pain killer , Ultracet .

But, finally I surrender and start taking the first Ultracet tablet after rest for weeks .

Like previously, when the pain start, it always attack by evening .

Last night I feel so much better after taking Ultracet and looks like it will be daily affair.

Let's join me to sing ... " Pain , Pain , Go Away . Never come back in any other day "  cheers !

Lord , you are our healer and I pray for your healing power to continue touch upon me and heal me from cancer , all sickness , all the side effect of cancer treatment and also to take away all the pain .
Thank you Lord Jesus , Amen .

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's day

Hi Good afternoon .

Happy Father's day to all daddies .

Wishing you to have Joy , Happiness .

May Lord bless all daddies with Good Health .

God Bless !

A wall picture by my daughter for you ... :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting near to my Fifth Years Anniversary

Feel Good !

Getting near to my fifth year anniversary , 24/6/13

Thanks God !

Thanks for your healing , blessing and always bless me with wisdom to know your will .

Thanks for all your words and lead me out from darkness to light .

Great ! Great ! Great !

Believe and have Faith !

God Bless !

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I am back , Praise The Lord !

On 21st May 13, I proceed with chemo and this round I decide to use back the same drug that I use last year , Gemzar n Navelbine .

All went well after chemo  I feel good and suddenly , situation change and I start vomiting for 3 days , thereafter I feel very tired n I start to loss balance while walking . So, decided to proceed to hospital on 27st May 13. With blood test report, doctor ask me to admit hospital , as my Sodium is very low, it's the cause of tired and dizzy , then my hemoglobin is low too, so, can not proceed for chemo.

After all the paper work, I admitted and taking two bags of blood transfusion, then, follow by dripping of sodium water. On second n third day , they took  my blood again, too bad, both show that no improvement on my sodium level, but, lucky that hemoglobin n RBW is getting so much better.

After 4 nights in hospital, I requested doctor to allow me discharge , no doubts I am not recover from short of sodium, but, I feel so much better . Finally doctor agreed and discharge me with sodium tablet.

Since back home , I feel good and I have regain my appetite , I really eat and enjoy .

Now I am under some treatment by TCM ( Chinese medical doctor ) , so far work well and hope that it will help to rebuild my body system .

I really feel thanks to Lord for his healing and blessing . And I pray for his healing continue to touch upon me . Thank you Lord Jesus , Amen .

May Lord blessing to all of you .

God Bless !

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life goes on

Never think of I will rest from Chemo treatment for 5 1/2 months .

Beside of the back pain disturb me, some breathless at times, basically, I have no complain.

Praise the Lord !

I have delay my ct scan since April this year and finally get it done two days ago, and yesterday meet up with doctor to discuss about the result of scan.

Overall, not much changes to my brain and bone , consider stable . But, compare with previous scan, tumour in lung show some 30% progression .

Doctor advise me to proceed for Chemo by next week to get situation under control. Tentatively schedule for early next week . Anyway, there are things for me to consider and I pray to Lord to guide me and show me the way for the treatment .

My main concern is back pain that disturb me almost every night with the pain moving from one to another place at my back. Life now is with daily pain killer and because of the continue taking pain killer, I often feel tired / weak .

Spoken to doctor about getting opinion from Orthopedics to have some idea is the pain due to my spine, but, doctor told me that it is not necessary .

Well, I will arrange appointment with doctor in another hospital and have fix it on coming Monday, hopefully can have some solution.

Life goes on, but, no more normal for the last couple of weeks and I hope that Lord will take away all the pain and restore my body with strength and energy .

No worry be Happy . Believe and have Faith .

God Bless !

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pain is part of my daily issue

I anticipated that  pain will be part of my daily issue since the first pain strike me hard early last year.

Start with  panadol and now Ultracet daily , sometime once a day and quite frequent now 3 times a day.

It's strange that some of the pain have schedule and some not. I can handle schedule pain without much problem, but, unschedule pain that strike on me without any warning is hard to deal , especially the pain that strike on my left chest , it's very painful and will make me breathless, as I can not have any deep breath. 

Thanks Lord blessing and healing, I manage to get thro' the sudden hard strike pain and regain my stable breath.

One thing I've learn in dealing with pain is to stay calm , pray to Lord, ask for his blessing and healing to relieve me from all pain . Meantime, listen to music is good and it help to calm us .

Never let the pain make us panic, as it'll make situation worst, especially when it cause shortness of breath.

Lord, I pray for your blessing and healing to relieve pain from our body and keep us alert and calm us .

Thank you Lord Jesus , Amen.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Less pain for the last few days

Feel good with less pain for the last few days .
Beside of the pain in right chest, especially the lower rib, back and other area is well under control.
Still continue with pain killer, as when needed .
So far works well , nothing much for me to complain ... :) .
Next week will make appointment with oncologist and plan for my 3 months schedule CT and MRI scan.
I am praying for a good scan result, where I will be allow to continue taking rest from treatment .
Meantime, I am trying my best to have 30 minutes brisk walking everyday and with some light exercise. So far it work well, just hope that I can continue with it .
Today feel very tired, not sure of what reason, I nap for more than an hour after morning brisk walking ( feel very tired ) , then, another one over hour nap by late afternoon.
Hopefully, tonight I can sleep well ... :).
I manage to maintain my plan to attend Hospice weekly day care for the last couple of week, feel good when I am there to join other patient for exercise , karaoke and sharing with each other . Thanks Hospice KL for organizing the daycare program.
Time to have my rest again , good night.
Lord, I feel so thankful for your healing and blessing, and pray for it continue to touch upon me and take away all the pain and treatment side effect.
Thanks Lord.

Friday, April 5, 2013

One day at a time

There is so much things happen to us in our life journey. .

There is no way we can handle all at one time .

Let's relax and listen to the song " One day at a time "

Wish you Enjoy the song and Enjoy your life .

Pray to Lord to bless us with NO STRESS life .

God Bless !

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pain !!! What's next ?

What's next ? I am not sure .
Since back from Vietnam on last Sunday, back pain; chest pain; rib pain; stomach gas pain, you name it I have it.
I am using Ultracet ( pain killer ) to deal with it .
I am praying to God to bless me with wisdom and guide me how to deal with it.
I am glad during my stay in Vietnam last weekend, God bless me to have pain under control .
One main issue I am facing now is constipation, it is side effect of pain killer.
The other issue disturbing me is I am not having good sleep at night, most of the time, I wake up every two hours.
Anyway, I am glad that with the guidance from God and my experience dealing with pain over the last one year, I manage to deal with it and plan my day.
I believe and have faith that everything will be under control with God blessing and guidance.
If you ask me beside of pain killer, is there any other solution ? I have no answer yet and trying best to search for it. But, looks like pain is something can not be avoided in cancer journey, the solution is find a way to deal with it , so far I find that beside of pain killer and prayer, light exercise and brisk walking is important, as it improve our blood circulation.
Whatever will happen next is beyond our control, what we can do is stay on with HAPPY and JOYFUL heart.
With or without pain, everyday is a GREAT day .
Believe and have Faith .
God Bless.

Friday, March 29, 2013

This is an article in The Star Online today.

I hope the Government of Malaysia will seriously look into the increase of survivorship for LUNG cancer too, while working hard for other type of cancer .

Meantime, we are all looking forward to have latest update of statistic for cancer in Malaysia, as all the existing information we have from various NGO or Government agencise are all years old .

Published: Friday March 29, 2013 MYT 11:28:00 AM

The number of Americans who have survived cancer is on the rise and is expected to reach 18 million people in the next decade, according to a report released Wednesday.

That would be a 30 percent increase over the latest figures in January 2012, which showed 13.7 million people in the United States had survived some form of cancer, according to the American Association for Cancer Research.

The forecasted increase is mainly due to the aging population, with two thirds of cancer survivors expected to be 65 or older by 2020, said the study.

The trend represents a new challenge for the health care industry and for longer-living survivors, who may face other health woes over time.

"How to ensure that these patients lead not only long lives, but healthy and productive lives, will be a vital challenge to all of us," said Julia Rowland, director of the Office of Cancer Survivorship at the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The AACR's report shows that women with breast cancer account for 22 percent of survivors, while men with prostate cancer make up 20 percent.

However, those with lung cancer make up a slim three percent of all US survivors.

"For patients with prostate cancer, we have a nearly 100 percent five-year survival rate, and breast cancer has made tremendous strides as well, with five-year survival rising from 75 percent in 1975 to almost 89 percent in 2012," said Rowland.

"However, we clearly need to have better diagnostic tools and better treatments for lung cancer."

A report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released in January showed that fewer people were dying from cancer in the United States, continuing a trend that began in the early 1990s.

The CDC study found that from 2000 to 2009, cancer death rates decreased by 1.8 percent per year among men and by 1.4 percent per year among women.

Cancer kills more than 1,500 people a day in the United States -- a total of 301,820 men and 275,370 women in 2012, according to the latest estimates by the American Cancer Society.

About 1.6 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Colour pencil and ball pen art to share

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feel good , I make it for the trip

Few weeks ago, I decided to have a short trip to Vietnam with my family .

Glad to share with you that I make it and we fly to Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam , on Friday and back home today.

Praise the Lord !

With Lord's blessing and healing , I am doing good during the flight and also during the stay. Something can not avoid is that I feel kind of tired , but, can manage with it . Maybe the travelling is a bit stress for me, since 9 months I have not travel, then, I am still taking the pain killer before and during the trip.

Anyway, this is a relax trip , basically just meet up wih friends and chat n eat n walk around. We booked an service apartment, very spacious and comfortable .

Now is time to plan for next travelling schedule, maybe can try on places need longer travelling time ... :)

May Lord bless my body condition keep improving and let me continue my treatment holiday.

Thanks Lord .

Good night everyone .

Time for me to take a good rest .

Believe and have Faith.

God bless !

Monday, March 18, 2013

How you feel ?

How you feel ?
Are you okay ?
How are you. ?

This is the common question we receive from family member and friends , and it is also the same question we posted to other patient .

Some people advise not to post this kind of question , as the patient may feel offence or may not like this type of question , i.e. Knowing that I feel bad and not well , what's the point you ask me this type of question, you want me to say , Yes ! I am well ?

In my opinion, as a patient, we must learn to accept this kind of question . Me too, at times , especially when strike with serious pain or just after chemo treatment and side effect strike me badly, will feel bad when someone as me HOW ARE YOU ?

Over the years, I learn that, there is nothing wrong with those question.

What we can do is tell the true and share our feeling , or, if we feel that we do not want our condition cause others feel worry for us, we can just let them know that condition not so good, but, it is bearable we can cope and manage with it . Or , just answer , Praise the Lord ! His healing lead me to deal with my condtion and I am okay !

Instead of hiding ourself and not happy with this kind of question, why not happily accept the question and give a positive answer .

Be it healthy or sick, we are facing unpredicted issues everyday , face it, accept it , deal with it , there is always a solution and a way out .

Pray to God , ask for wisdom , healing , blessing , grace , peace and love .

God will answer our prayer and guide us.

Worry and feel offensive not the solution .

Face it and give a big smile.

Believe and have Faith , with God, everything can resolve .

God love us and we should pass the LOVE we receive from God to people who need our help .

What a wonderful world .

Cheers !

God bless .

Monday, March 11, 2013


RELAX is very important for journey with cancer .

Once doctor confirm that it's cancer, stress strike us immediate.

Most of us start thinking of family , career , finance , treatment and everything will come at once .

Stress cause us to have fear , worry , upset ...

Stress will worsen the situation we are facing, it will affect our body condition, our emotion, our fighting spirit and it affect our thinking and focus.

Evil will take the opportunity and strike our mind with negative thinking .

What we need most at this time is pray to Lord, ask for guidance, pray for PEACE, pray for relaxing our mind, pray for calm .

With Lord answering our prayer, we will feel relax , we will feel calm and follow Lord guidance and start to organize, start to focus on things we should do, and take control of our situation with wisdom from Lord.

It is simple, it is not complicated, just remember Lord is always there and he is with us. Praise the Lord .

Believe and have Faith .

Be relax and enjoy our life .

Share our experience with others .

Assist others with what we learn during the journey with cancer .

Life is GREAT , the world is beautiful , be relax , handle things once at a time, live a colourful and wonderful life .

Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Good planning is important

Very often , we, cancer patient, keep telling ourself ...
I want quality life
I want to live as normal
I want to keep fit
I want to ...

But, nothing will happen, without a good planning.

We live without planning is just like we are giving up.

Brother / Sister , let's wake up and start draw up your plan and work on it.

But, please don't be too forceful and start with slow pace, one at a time .

I pray to Lord to guide us and bless us with wisdom .

Believe and have Faith . We will make it , our plan will work .

God bless .

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make plans not result

Friend from an online support forum told me ' Make plans not result '.

Think about it , she's right .

We should not give up and stop planning because of the situation we are facing , if we do so, we'll always feel upset and live with no direction in life.

Feel great with her sharing .

Go ! Go ! Go ! Go ahead with our plan . Plan for gathering , plan for vacation , plan for good dinner with family n friends , plan for anything in your mind .

I look back to last year, when decided to go ahead with family vacation to Shanghai, I just go ahead to book air ticket and hotel , then, work very hard to monitor and keep myself fit . The result is , I make it for the trip.
In end 2011 , right after chemo, I plan for family vacation to New Zealand and I am worry of my condition, so, I keep delay to book air ticket and hotel . Just everyday chk on net for what to do if my family vacation dream happen. The end result is , we go no where .

So, I should just back to drawing board and start planning ... :)

Anyway, I feel good today and settle few outstanding issues . Waking up with good feeling and wife drove me around.

Many more things pending for clearing up, i.e. Insurance claims, outstanding works by renovation contractor and so on .

Will go ahead to set a schedule and get it done according . Please wish me will get it settle by next week .

Lord , I feel so thankful today . Thanks for leading me and bless me with wisdom .

Thank You Lord Jesus , Amen.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hi ! I am back .

Worst situation face by cancer patient is the unpredicted changes to body condition and the uncertainty of what is next ?

Agreed that we are living in a world of uncertainty , but, somehow when totally uncertain of what will happen next and unpredicted things can happen anytime, isn't it kind of scary and no fun.

When you not manage to do any planning for what to do next , who to meet next week , where to go with family for next vacation and when ?

No , no , no , you can plan it . Just that your plan can be changed any moment , because of ;
- with no indication, suddenly back pain, body ache, chest pain, stomach pain or just any kind of pain strike
on you without any warning . Be it midnight when you are sleeping , in daytime watching TV , in a dinner discussion
and ...
Isn't this terrible ? Yes , it is .
- with no indication, suddenly your body energy drain off , you feel weak, very very weak , it can happen anytime,
without warning.
Isn't this terrible ? Yes , it is .
- with no indication, you loss your appetite, or side effect of previous chemo or radiation treatment just strive
you without warning.
Isn't this terrible ? Yes, it is .

Well ! What I have mentioned, happen to me recently and it's one of the reason, I am away from blog recently.

Yes ! There is other reason why I am not updating my blog, busy with house shifting, busy with celebration of Chinese New Year .

How I get thro' it ?

Believe and have Faith .

Yes ! Situation did make me feel bad, upset, worry , fear, I am just another human.

What is important is to BELIEVE and have FAITH in GOD .

What is important is do not let the bad feeling, worry, fear, stay with you.

Pray to God . God is always there for us and he will answer our prayer and his healing and blessing
will touch upon us and we will recover from pain and so on ...

God will lead us to walk thro'.

Thanks God .


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A good start For 2013

Since last posting on 1st Jan, been spending time to deal with the side effect. Almost everyday have new things to deal with ( I means the chemo side effect ).

Anyway, it's good that it's over and I am now focus to rebuild body and immune system.

God is great and he keep leading me and bless me with wisdom to deal with issues after issues, lead me out of darkness to light. Praise the Lord ! Thanks .

Good news to share . I have my ct scan last week and feel so glad that the result show no major changes to my condition . Not that I am cured and recover , just the drug have stabilise my condition . For us, cancer patient , Stable means good .

And my oncologist have agreed to my suggestion to take a rest from chemo treatment , so that I can have time to recover my body/immune system and enjoy my CHinese New Year celebration next month with my family and friends.

Feel great ! It is a good start for 2013 and pray that everything will be fine and smooth for coming months.

Today I went to Hospice daycare and meet up with friends, a nice gathering and hope that my condition allow me to join the weekly daycare programme .

Thanks for prayer from you and I pray for God blessing to touch upon you and bless you and your family to have Joy , Happiness and Good Health.

God Bless.

Believe and have Faith .

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Some say 'Yes' , it's great '
Some say ' No '
I say ' Believe and have Faith in God, Life is always GREAT '  
Each of us have may have different experience in our JOURNEY of LIFE.
Rich , poor , healthy , sick ...
Each experience come with reason .
Each experience give us different view of life .
But, the important thing is Believe and have Faith in God .
God will bless us with wisdom and knowledge , and lead us, guide us how to live our life the way he want us to live.  

Isn't it great to have the opportunity to fall, when we are moving too fast and loss our direction in life ?
Isn't it great to have the opportunity to sick, when we over abuse our body ?
Isn't it great to have the opportunity to loss what we have build up and restart our life, career, when we are still young ?
Isn't it great to have the opportunity to know stop chasing after wind and start living a healthty life ?
Yes ! It is GREAT to have the opportunity to correct it immediate and move back to right path of life to move on.
God is watching us and guide us, please give ourself time to listen to him and to receive wisdom and knowledge from him.
Whatever happen in life have a reason, no point to worry , panic ...
Accept it and ask for wisdom , guidance from God, there's always solution to bring us out of darkness to light.

Remember, LIFE is GREAT !
Never give up .

It is like joining a tour .
This is tour of life .
But, this tour provide no specify package .
Each tour member will experience and see different thing during the tour .  
Isn't it great and full of excitement ?
At the end of the tour, we will be call home by God .

Whatever we learn and experience from this tour is GREAT and actually there's name of the tour package .
It's ' LIFE is GREAT '

Share life experience with others.
Give LOVE and help the poor.

Full of excitement.
Full of sweet family life , friendship.
Full of LOVE.
Full of JOY and HAPPINESS.

Come on, put down all worry and fear . Sit back, relax and enjoy this great life .

Believe and have Faith  .

God Bless !