Monday, June 24, 2013

5th anniversary . It's amazing , God's healing is so Amazing .

Praise the Lord ! 

It's my 5th anniversary today .

Thanks God , it is his miracle healing keep me strong .

For a patient like me, without the miracle healing from God, it is not possible to live here sharing my experience with you.

The chemo drug play a part in the treatment, but , divine healing is the one guiding me and all the doctor and medical professional for the last 5 years .

Thanks for all your prayer and support .

Thanks for the prayer and support from my family and friends.

No doubts the weather and air condition is bad today and school be instructed to closed for a day .

But, my heart just feeling good and thankful .

I am praying for God's healing continue to heal me and guide me, bless me with wisdom and knowledge.

I am looking forward to the next target for another 5 years and pray to God for the coming 5 years to be pain free and I can spend more time with my wife and daughter for travelling , meantime , I have a stronger body system and energy to move around and share with others about my experience with God and my treatment journey .

Thank you ! Thank you ! 

May God healing and blessing will touch upon all the cancer patient and heal us, guide us and bless us a complete recovery .

God Bless !

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