Saturday, June 8, 2013

I am back , Praise The Lord !

On 21st May 13, I proceed with chemo and this round I decide to use back the same drug that I use last year , Gemzar n Navelbine .

All went well after chemo  I feel good and suddenly , situation change and I start vomiting for 3 days , thereafter I feel very tired n I start to loss balance while walking . So, decided to proceed to hospital on 27st May 13. With blood test report, doctor ask me to admit hospital , as my Sodium is very low, it's the cause of tired and dizzy , then my hemoglobin is low too, so, can not proceed for chemo.

After all the paper work, I admitted and taking two bags of blood transfusion, then, follow by dripping of sodium water. On second n third day , they took  my blood again, too bad, both show that no improvement on my sodium level, but, lucky that hemoglobin n RBW is getting so much better.

After 4 nights in hospital, I requested doctor to allow me discharge , no doubts I am not recover from short of sodium, but, I feel so much better . Finally doctor agreed and discharge me with sodium tablet.

Since back home , I feel good and I have regain my appetite , I really eat and enjoy .

Now I am under some treatment by TCM ( Chinese medical doctor ) , so far work well and hope that it will help to rebuild my body system .

I really feel thanks to Lord for his healing and blessing . And I pray for his healing continue to touch upon me . Thank you Lord Jesus , Amen .

May Lord blessing to all of you .

God Bless !

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