Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life goes on

Never think of I will rest from Chemo treatment for 5 1/2 months .

Beside of the back pain disturb me, some breathless at times, basically, I have no complain.

Praise the Lord !

I have delay my ct scan since April this year and finally get it done two days ago, and yesterday meet up with doctor to discuss about the result of scan.

Overall, not much changes to my brain and bone , consider stable . But, compare with previous scan, tumour in lung show some 30% progression .

Doctor advise me to proceed for Chemo by next week to get situation under control. Tentatively schedule for early next week . Anyway, there are things for me to consider and I pray to Lord to guide me and show me the way for the treatment .

My main concern is back pain that disturb me almost every night with the pain moving from one to another place at my back. Life now is with daily pain killer and because of the continue taking pain killer, I often feel tired / weak .

Spoken to doctor about getting opinion from Orthopedics to have some idea is the pain due to my spine, but, doctor told me that it is not necessary .

Well, I will arrange appointment with doctor in another hospital and have fix it on coming Monday, hopefully can have some solution.

Life goes on, but, no more normal for the last couple of weeks and I hope that Lord will take away all the pain and restore my body with strength and energy .

No worry be Happy . Believe and have Faith .

God Bless !


  1. Sorry about all your pain, SK. I pray for you daily. Beautiful picture, these grow in my garden, never this color!

  2. Many Prayers...Trust in the Lord ! Your pain will go away and you will be stronger every day!

    1. Thks for your prayer , it works , Thks Lord for move away my pain . Feel great !

  3. You are really a brave.Keep fighting.
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    1. Hi ! Thks . Feel good that if my posting can help others .