Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good news and bad news

Good news ...
X-ray today show condition under control and show some improvement
" Some of the opacities in right mid and lower zones are smaller in size " compare to last X-ray in end Jan '11
Liver ; Kidney function all well

Feel Good ! ... :)

Bad news ...
Tumour marker - CEA still moving up ... :(

Discussed with doctor and he is happy with my X ray report and overall condition, except for the CEA reading, which is still a concern . decide to continue watch and wait with close monitoring for another two months .

Thanks Lord and pray for continue healing and blessing . Lord is great !

Friday, March 18, 2011

Treatment decision, what is the right thing to do ?

I personally feel that the most difficult thing for cancer patient is to make the right decision for treatment.
As the right decision will make a good start .
The right doctor ; right type of treatment ; right drug is all very very crucial and important .
Therefore, patient should not be too panic and rush in for treatment that they do not know or do not aware of the risk , side effect and what to expect after the treatment.
Most of the time, doctor will rush patient to proceed for treatment ( surgery or radiation or chemo ) as soon as all the scan and biopsy report ready and confirm it is cancer .
In some cases, patient been ask to proceed surgery by surgeon without refering to oncologist for proper treatment assessment.
In my personal opinion and non medical view, I think that the right person to assess a cancer patient and finalise the right treatment with the patient , should be the oncologist. As they are the expert or specialist in medical field for cancer treatment.
My suggestion to all cancer patient or their care taker is to check on the information of cancer in , to understand what is cancer and to have the guidance of what to ask, when meet up with the doctor or oncologist .
Get prepare and be ready to have a proper discussion with doctor/oncologist to ask and understand all question you have in mind, before making your final treatment decision.
meantime, I also suggest patient to atleast get a second opinion , or , if finacially affordable, then, get third or fourth opinion, before start treatment.
Singapore is very near to us and most of the oncologist in Singapore ready to give second opinion .
If the patient is very sick and in very serious condition , where immediate surgery needed to remove tumour, patient should proceed with it without fail.
But, for most of the patient, body condition is still good and therefore, it is not really have to make immediate decision.
When I am diagnosed with cancer, it took me about a month to start my treatment. Doctor told me that the cancer tumour is not there over few days, it take many years for the cancer cell to grow until it can be shown up in Xray , CT scan or PET scan .
I pray that Lord will bless us with wisdom and guide us always, especially during the time when we need him to guide us to find a good hospital , good doctor and the best treatment option .

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Feel Great !

The healing from Lord and his blessing for me to receive wisdom, make me feel GREAT .
Thanks for all the prayer from my family , friends, cell member . And thanks Lord for answering our prayer .
Since decided not to continue with chemo therapy, after two cycles in Oct and Nov '10 , I been monitoring very closely my condition with proper follow-up with doctor and daily prayer to Lord for healing.
No doubt body condition getting on well, where I manage to have a nice Christmas and Chinese New year celebration with my family, but, with blood regulary show up in phlegm everyday when coughing, further with the reading of CEA tumor marker still increase for every blood test, it is really a great concern for me .
In end Jan '11, I took an X ray , the result is encouraging, as there's not sign of any water/fluid build up in my right lung and infact it's slightly clearer in comparing with the previous X ray in Nov '10.
With this report,I discussed with doctor and decided to continue my watch & wait approach for time being and promise him I will have very close minitoring with immediate follow-up with him as when I feel not well .
Then, sometime in mid Feb '11, right after Chinese New Year , when we shop around in the mall after dinner, I came across one book about some kind of exercise to stretch our ligament( 拉筋 ). Reason I bought the book is for my wife, as she did practice it after we watched one of the Taiwanese TV show , where the SIFU 箫宏慈 teach some of the basis steps to stretch our ligament to help in some sickness healing.
After I read the book at home and found that the book is write by the same SIFU, so, I start doing the STRETCHING as per instruction given and it turn out that the result is good for me .
For the first few days, cough and phlegm increase ( actually there is more fresh blood in the phlegm ) But, slightly more than a week, phlegm getting less and there is no more sign of fresh blood in phlegm .
For until now, I feel good, feel better and basically less phlegm , no fresh blood and seldom have any sign of blood . ( it is about one month by now, since I start the 拉筋.)
If anyone want to know more, you may seach internet for 拉筋 or go to site
Praise the Lord and pray that Lord will continue to bless us to receice wisdom and knowledge . And pray that Lord will continue his healing power to touch upon me and guide me for treatment , diet and type of exercise to strengthen my body system.