Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best time to have CT / MRI scan for treatment follow-up

When is the best time to have CT / MRI scan for treatment followup

For me, I will not force myself to stick on the the appointment date .

Toward appointment date, if I am feeling very good , both physically and
mentally , I will procced with the scan . It can be a week or few days before the appoitment.

Meantime, if there is some body condition changes while waiting for the appointment,
be it one month or more before the appointment. I would suggest to proceed for the check-up once body system back in good condition .

Why ?

Most of the scan need to inject some contrast agent into our body , inorder to get very clear scan image . And these agent will somehow cause some side effect to patient .

Therefore, it is better to take scan when our body system in top condition.

Meantime, if we take the scan when we are in good body condition with good mood, we
can face the result of scan report better. Even if the report show some negative result , we can handle it better .

Take your time to plan for the best day for your coming scan follow-up and pray Lord will bless all of us always have a good scan result .

God bless

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be patient , healing take time .

Many of us expected to be healed or cured immediate .

I am one of it too .

But, after read and understand how's cancer happen , I accepted the word " PATIENT ".

As cancer patient , we have to be patient with the healing process from treatment .

Be it cancer or any other chronic diseases, i.e. heart disease, stroke, chronic respiratory ... . It take months and years to happen , it's not happen overnight .

Therefore, to reverse our body system and rebuild our healthy body condition, it will not happen overnight too . It take time , it can be months or years .

The chemo drug, radiotherapy, surgery and all the aggresive treatment is to help in controlling the critical condition and thereafter, we have to do our part in improving our diet , change life style in order to reverse or repairing our body system .

Let us be patient,live happy and do our part ( live a healthy lifestyle ) to receive the full healing ... be patient and have faith with God , it will happen .

God bless .

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Living with lung cancer ... is life the same as before ?

For me, it is not the same and I do not think it will ever be the same anymore .

No matter how hard I try, try to live as similar as possible to life before treatment, it is just not possible .

It is a matter of fact that life after treatment is different .

Life ... living with cancer is different .

The change of diet is not an issue , as it is good for us to change our diet .

The change of lifestyle also not an issue , as it is the right thing to do . To live healthy lifestyle,sleep early , rest when tire , no smoking , no alcohol , eat healthy , regular execise , less stress and so on .

But, the body changes because of the after treatment side effect and the extreme alert to symptom,
i.e. chest pain , tired , headache, cough , bone pain , weight loss and so on , is something that make life different .

Meantime, have to be mentally strong to deal with all the " What if ... "
- What if situation getting worst .
- What if the cancer start to spread and growing in our brain , bone and other organ
- What if it the tumor cause bleeding or cause us to be breathless
- What if we have to hospitalise immediately and become immobile

There is so many "What if ... " and uncertainty . It is STRESSFUL when all the " What if ... " start come to our mind .

So , life is different , as living with cancer is actually living with anxiety , with worry ...

But, on the bright side, life after cancer treatment also bring us good .
- I am more healthy then before , except that I hv to live with cancer and to deal with all the side effect .
- I have more time with family and more time to do things that I want to do.
- I get to receive all the warm love , blessing from family , friends .
- I learn that how important is it to Love and to Forgive.
- I appreciate life more .
And the most valuable is I accepted Jesus Christ and he bless me to have peace mind , he touch and strengthen me, lead me out of darkness to light, guide me how to face the changes in life that I have to go through.

Well ! Life will be different , it will not be the same anymore and we just have to accept it and move forward .

Whenever the bad feeling trouble us, we just have to get it away fast and pray to Lord for peace mind .

I pray to Lord for his blessing to us, who is living with cancer , be blessed to live without fear & worry and guide us to find peace and joy .

Be HAPPY and live with the changes with a JOYFUL heart , never give up and we can make it .

God Bless