Saturday, February 11, 2012

Start the battle with confidence

Battle start yesterday .
Chemo start at 12 noon and finish by 2 pm, very fast .
For Alimta , it took 10 minutes.
For carboplatin , it took 1 hour.
Feel okay before , during and after treatment .
After so many times of treatment and since I did use Alimta before, basically not much worry about the side effect.

Well ! Have confidence that it will stable my condition .

I believe for all treatment, the most important thing is we must have confidence and believe that it will works , it will help us to win atleast 1/2 the battle and the balance half is the healing and blessing from Lord .

Second thing is we should accept that if the result of the treatment show tumor shrink , it is GREAT , if all disapear , it is VERY VERY GREAT. But, as long as it keep situation STABLE , means no changes after treatment, it means GOOD . Once we can accept this fact, means we are in control of how to live with cancer .

What if the result show further grow ?

If body system can proceed further with treatment, start analyse and do some research , discuss with doctor and proceed with other drug option.

If body system is too weak and situation can allow to take a rest to rebuild body system . Take a short rest and move on with next treatment option.

End of the day, what we want is QUALITY of life and healing or stable situation.

Believe that there is light ahead of us and the sunlight is waiting for us every morning .

Don't stop believe .

Lord is with us , until the day Lord call us home , we are here to stay , we are here to live , we are here to continue receive his blessing and healing every moment , he will guide us , walk with us .

Let's put down all our worry , fear and move ahead to live a Happy , Joyful life with Lord .

Believe and have confidence, we will have QUALITY life .

Thank you Lord .

God bless !

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good news and Bad news

Good news ...
Decided to try out the pain killer given by doctor, as it's tiring to take panadol every 6 to 8 hours and it will make me feel sleepy the whole day.
Since yesterday 9 am until now , the pain killer works well .
Feel good !

Bad news ...
I can not sleep ... :(
Tired and can't sleep . It is now 2.50 am

Anyway, no pain is good .

Will see what happen in the morning to decide whether to continue with the pain killer .

For time being, will try to close my eye and as much possible , hopefully can sleep in next hour .

Sweet dream come to me .

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's time to get back to tretament

Yesterday morning strike by very severe pain in my right lower chest area, never have this level of pain before , but, lucky that it strike hard on me when I am already in cancer centre. Ask for a bed and two panadol from nurse when waiting for doctor . Thanks God for answering our prayer , pain under control after panadol .
Doctor check on me and can't find anything wrong, as chest airway is clear and no sign of liver problem. Proceed for x ray and blood test.
Blood test show white blood cell higher than normal, could be sign of infection or inflammation . As per doctor advise X ray show not much change from last scan .
Discussed with doctor and decided to restart treatment by next week with Alimta + Carboplatin by next friday. So, start my injection for vitamin B12 and start taking Folic Acid daily
{ B12 was found to significantly reduce many side effects of Alimta (pemetrexed) because they help "rescue" normal non-cancer cells from the toxic effects of this chemotherapy, while cancer cells aren't effectively rescued by lower doses of vitamin B12 and folate.  At higher doses than recommended, cancer cells can also be rescued, making Alimta less effective.}

As for the pain, it's not go away fully . I am taking 2 panadol every 6 to 8 hours to keep it under control. Will see how's it goes for the next two days.

Meantime, just focus on getting body ready for chemo .