Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why back to old lifestyle after all the suffering ...

Have came across patient having recurrent cancer just couple of months of confirmation by doctor that they have fully recover with full remission ( after chemo and radiation therapy ) and the reason of recurrence is due to they are back to their old lifestyle immediately .
( Note : Not all the recurrence was due to patient back to old lifestyle, my share of opinion is about some of the recurrence patient )
Poor Diet, Lack of Physical Activity, or Being Overweight
People who have a poor diet, do not have enough physical activity, or are overweight may be at increased risk of several types of cancer. For example, studies suggest that people whose diet is high in fat have an increased risk of cancers of the colon, uterus, and prostate. Lack of physical activity and being overweight are risk factors for cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, kidney, and uterus.
Many will back to their pre-treatment lifestyle , back to the food they like , back to full working life with all the stress .
Work ... stress
It is difficult for many to avoid back to work immediate and also many have to continue working while they are on treatment.
So, stress is unavoidable , what we can do is to reduce or minimise it. Pray and ask for wisdom and knowledge to assist us in our work , to reduce our stress .
Food , exercise , smoking , drinking .....
Many will say that once back to work, it is difficult to control on kind of food or diet and always tempted with all the good taste but bad for health.
And some will say " Life is short , let's enjoy food that I like "
And many will give excuse for no time to continue daily exercise.
For those who say " Life is short , let's enjoy .... " will be tempted to take up old habits again, i.e. smoking , alcohol .
Beside of stress from work, all the excuses given for foods, exercise, smoking , drinking are all unacceptable .
And I just wonder why ?
> Why we have forgotten the pain, worry, fear during treatment
> Why we have forgotten the pain, worry, fear we brought to our spouse, children, parent
> Why we have forgotten all the promises we make during the treatment that we will make a change if we been given a chance to recover
And WHY we are so forgetful , we are so irresponsible to ourself , to our spouse, to our children, to our ...
It is sad , but it is happening everyday .
It also alarm us that many of us will forget our Lord after our recovery, after we are out from trouble water.
Lord , please guide us to learn from our past that have caused us into trouble and thanks to bring us out from the darkness to light . Please also lead us not into temptation .
Thank you Lord in Jesus name, Amen.
God Bless.

Amazing ..

It's so amazing that result of my CEA ( tumor marker ) reading reduce for nearly 200 points after taking a rest from Chemo treatment since last treatment in mid Oct '09.
After the visit to Singapore, it take me days to think should I proceed for treatment immediate or I should stick by my plan ( 6 months treatment leave with close monitoring ) .
But, with the last blood test in early Jan '10 reported the raise of CEA reading and comment from doctors that it may be one of the indication of increase in cancer cell activitiy, it's really a concern for me to make a good decision whether to take the CT scan ; MRI and proceed treatment.
Thanks Lord for His mercy , love and give me peace, so that, I manage to avoid making emotional decision. I pray and ask for Him to show me the way through the CEA reading and on 28th Jan '10 morning, I receive the message that it is the time to take the test and I told my wife, let's go for the blood test today ( She been asking me many times whether I've decided when to go for the test and what is my decision for treatment ) and the CEA result will be my guide for treatment decision .
It is also amazing that it's the first blood test that I feel so relax, easy, without fear or worry of " What if ..... "
After waiting for two hours for the blood test report to release by lab, when I read it, I just feel great, the kind of feeling is wonderful and I know that Lord is with me .
Praise the Lord for His healing for me and may Lord will continue to touch me with His healing power and let it flow through my body and restore me to full health .
Lord , please also touch everyone in my prayer , everyone in cancer compass community and everyone who ask for your healing and let all of us receive your mercy , grace , peace , love and be healed and restore to full health.
Thank you Lord in Jesus name , Amen.
God Bless.