Monday, June 21, 2010

It is June again ...

June ...
It is June again ...It is the month that change my life .
It is the month that change my view of many things .
It is the month that bring me to Lord .
It is the month that I know I am surrounded by loving and caring people .
It is the month that I know more about Love .
It is the month that I get to know wealth means nothing without health .
It is the month that I fully agree , what's matter most is how we live our life and not how long we live .
It is the month that I know how fortunate I am to have Chris ( my wife ), she's been so supportive and keep walking with me without looking back .
It is the month that I know that it is so great to have Natalie ( my daughter ), she bring joy to me.
It is the month ...
It is the month ...
It is the month that I know what is CANCER ?

I love June , because it change my life.
I love June , because it is the month I am looking forward every year .
I love June , because every June I live thro' , means Lord have answer my prayer and Lord is so graceful .
I love June , because June means celebration .

I pray that Lord will bless me and continue to heal me, and I look forward to be here to tell you in coming years , " It is JUNE again "

God Bless


Saturday, June 12, 2010

What is 'C" - cancer to us ...

'C' bring fear n worry to many of us
'C' means disastrous to many of us
'C' cause mental torture and physical suffer to many of us and
'C' always link to death for many of us ...
This is what many of us think of it, when someone mention 'C'

Time to change on what we used to think of 'C' .
Time to change on what we used to do.
Time to tell ourself that
'C' bring us back to healthy diet , healthy living .
'C' means caring.
Because of 'C', we receive all the caring message and it confirm that the world is still full of caring and loving people and it is care with sincere loving heart.
'C' cause us to value life and everything we have , more than what we did before.
Someone wrote" The value of a good Lung is measured after losing it ",
I would say " Value our lung and life, we should not wait till the 'C' to tell us how to value it "
'C' link to Alarm , not death. It is the alarm telling us , there is something wrong with our body, which may cause by stress ; environment polution ; our diet ; our lifestyle and the usual wear & tear after years or by many other possible unknown reason. The only set back is that, most of the time , this alarm come too late and give us too short of time to get things organise for the repairing work.But, on the other hand, we should be grateful that atleast the alarm still working and we've been given a chance to get it repair.So, let's not link it to death and just start repair it with the time we have.

To all the cancer warrior ,
- Let's not give up
- Let's not fear n worry weight us down, let's unload it from our back
- Let's continue to go forward with the repair work
- Let's continue to open our hand and our heart to receive love and support from our Lord , our family, our friends and live our days with joyful and happy mood during this long journey
- Let's value the chance that we've been given to carry out the repair .
- Let's be grateful that our alarm's still working and we been given chance/time to do something.
- Let's be thankful . There's many other sickness take life away from our love one without chance to say Good Bye. But, we been given a chance to get it repair .

And l am thankful to Lord . It is by his grace and mercy that I am still living happily and be able to share with you.

Just remember that we are not alone going thro' this long journey, we are together supporting each other and with the mercy of Lord , we will walk out from the darkness to light.

Today is a joyful day and with Lord everyday will be .

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

God Bless