Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye Bye 2012

Just want to say Bye Bye and thanks to 2012 .

Is it a great year for me ? In a way , it is Yes and No.

For my Living with Lung Cancer journey , 2012 is a tough year .

In Feb. I hv the worst chemo experience, with the extreme pain, I ended up with request to doctor to refer me to Hospis Malaysia . Thanks God, with Hospis help, manage to get pain under control and subside . Praise the Lord.

In end June, my brain MRI scan reported the small 'c' show up in my brain and say ' hello SK , I am here ' . After consulted with doctors and also reading sharing in cancer forum, decided to proceed wih WBR ( whole brain radiation ). I expected it may cause side effect, but, never expected it's tough . Feeling weak , loss appetite , loss weight , headache . I decided to delay my chemo until I feel better. It took two over months for me to feel ok ( from July to Sept ) .

In Sept., start chemo with Alimta and change the drug to Gemzar + Vinorelbine in Oct.

And today, I spend my New Year eve writting my blog in hospital , cause I have delayed my chemo from last week due to low blood count. Praise the Lord ! Everything goes well today.

With God , what I mentioned above is nothing to compare to the blessing from God and make it a great year for me.

I have learned new things in this journey.
What is Pain management.
What is WBR and how to deal with it .
How to plan ahead with precaution by having necessary equipment to avoid fall, when suddenly few weak .

I make new friends who share with me their thought and experience in living with lung cancer.

With Hospis arrangement, I meet Prince William . Thanks Hospis Malaysia .

I have regained my feel in colour pencil drawing and improve.

I managed to have a enjoyable vacation with my family to Shanghai.

Wow ! Feel Good , Feel Great , Feel so thankful .

Praying 2013 be a great year to all of us and may God blessing to touch upon us and bless us and our family with Joy , Happiness and Good Health .

God Bless !

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy , busy , busy and feel happy and good .

Been very busy for the last two weeks, trying to get things organise before yesterday chemo .

Praise the Lord !

Most of the things settle down .

Thanks Lord bless me with wisdom and keep my body well.

Yesterday chemo treatment goes well , as usual stay a night for observation and will discharge today.

Maybe is already few cycles of chemo since Sept. this year, feel more tired , but, overall all well, as normal, pray for less side effect .

With Lord , all will be well ... Lord is Great, he is our healer .

Wow ! Christmas is near , very near . It is special for many people and it is special for me too . It is my 4 1/2 years living with lung cancer on eve of Christmas , just feel great .

Feel thankful and grateful with the healing and blessing from Lord .
Feel thankful and grateful with the love , care from my family and friends.
Feel thankful and grateful with the peace , love , mercy , grace from Lord .
Feel thankful and grateful with everything and the change of my life .
Feel thankful and grateful with my oncologist and all nurses in Pantai KL cancer centre and nurses in ward C and D in 6th floor .
Feel thankful and grateful with the love and care from Hospis Malaysia .
Feel thankful and grateful with the love and care from friends in Treatment Diaries
Feel thankful and greatful with the infor, sharing from Cancer Grace ( it help me a lot, doctors and moderators are great , they are so helpful and caring.

Life is great ! Cancer is not the end .

Believe and have Faith .

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .

Let's celebrate with LOVE .

God Bless !

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some of my colour pencil art

This is one of my favourite .

I named this " Wake up and LIVE the colourful LIFE " , don't give up, LIFE is colouful, in whatever situation .

This is for all the doctor , nurse , everyone in healthcare industry and in Hospis Malaysia. I appreciate their caring to us

My first colour pencil drawing

This is also one of my favourite

The firsth BIRD I draw


My first black and white colour pencil art

One of my ball pen art , when I am taking a flight back from Vietnam

To be continue ..........

Swim out and set free from cancer

Hi All,

Have this drawing done sometime back and would like to share with you .

I named it " Swim out and set free from cancer "

Wish all cancer warrior have a good day .

Lord will lead us the way to swim out from it and set us free from cancer .

Believe and have Faith .

God Bless !