Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I feel glad for cancer patient for their good response to chemo treatment when I read their posting and be glad that I can join them for the kind of JOY and HAPPINESS they have with the success of the treatment.
But, at times, after reading all the good news posting, I will have kind of feeling of loss , feeling of upset ... because of my treatment not responding and the tumor still sitting inside my lung , like a time bomb .
It is not easy to deal with it .
It is depressing to think about it .
And sometime, it is hard to accept it .
Anyway, I think it is not wrong or rather to say it is normal for me to have this kind of feeling.
What is important is how fast can I be out of this kind of upset feeling .
How fast can I recover and face it .
With Lord and with support of family member and friends , I make it , and I know that I can overcome all the bad feeling , upset , fear , worry , be it yesterday , today or tomorrow , because Lord is with me and all of your are with me .
I feel grateful because Lord is with me .
I feel grateful because of the love and support of Chris and Natalie is with me .
I feel grateful because of the love and support of my family is with me .
I feel grateful because of the love and support of friends is with me .
I feel grateful because I manage to have such good quality of life for the last 3 years .
And I feel so grateful that I am still here writing my blog and share with you .
Thks God .
May God blessing reach all of us and bless us to have Joy, Happiness and Good health.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Can patient make their own decision of not proceed with treatment ?

Many people ask me ....
" Your doctor allow you to make your own decision ? "
" You can make your own decision to watch and wait ? "
" Your doctor allow you to delay the treatment ? "

My answer is " YES "

Yes ! Everyone have their own right to make their own decision for any treatment.
Doctor will recommend the best treatment option to us and the ultimate decision is on the patient.

But, I would like to clarify that I am not here to promote or encourage anyone to follow my approach . Please discuss with your doctor and know about your treatment benefit , treatment side effect and equip yourself with knowledge before you make any decision to watch and wait.

Meantime, not all patient can delay their treatment or take up the watch and wait approach, it is all depends on how serious is their condition and how aggressive is the cancer cell .

Before making own decision to delay treatment , one have to :-
- Discuss and have the full understanding with doctor
- Know what is the possibility affecting your health and condition
- Spend time to reseach and discuss with doctor to know what is the pro & con of doing so.
- Ready to accept full liabilities and risk , if something happen
- Continue reseach and study in order to have the knowledge of making wise decision
- Know your body well and be ready to spend time monitor and listen to your body everyday and be ready to proceed discussion with doctor and start immediate treatment without fail, if something happen or not well.
- Keep yourself feel good , feel great .
- Discipline in exercise , diet , resting and ...

Wish my sharing is useful and helpful .