Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alimta ( Pemetrexed )

This round of chemo with Alimta give me new experience with side effect.

I have posted in GRACE some question and get some sharing of information that I think it is good to share with you.

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Chemo Update Day 9 ( 29/10 )

Great !
Still tire, but, feel much better.
Manage to have about an hour of brisk walking.
Can eat well .
Rash start subside , but, some new rash show up at my back. Anyway, I can cope with it.
Overall good and I think it is almost over now.
Will get body system up to get ready for next chemo .
Thanks God .

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chemo update Day 7 (27/10)

It is a surprise for me. Been doing so well on day 1 and 2, then, day 3 feel a little tire and day 4 morning feel very good with proper exercise as usual and having dim sum for breakfast, suddenly , thing change so fast, in late afternoon, body ache + muscle pain and feel very very tire and stomach upset.
Go to bed , rest and sleep , and no appetite .
Luckly that manage to sleep as when feel tire and day 5 ( Monday ) is the worst, feel so tire and just sleep , rest, sleep and rest the whole day . To avoid serious weight loss, start to look for food that can suite my taste .
Thanks God, with grace manage to cope it .
Yesterday morning , feel better , but, still very very tire and sleep/rest a lot .
Rash start to show up in my neck and upper body in late afternoon.
Manage to sleep for one to two hours, as when I am tire.
This morning, feel better and just wish that side effect start to withdraw and looking forward to a full recovery before end of this week .
Note : The side effect is different from previous Chemo with Alimta, previous chemo give me side effect latest on the 2nd day and go off by 4th or 5th day. This time, I am doing so well for the first few days and it suddenly attack me with surprise and now follow by rash ( previously no rash ) . It is what they say " The treatment is full of uncertainty "

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chemo update day 2 ( 22/10 )

Gastric start at 3 am and managed to solve it with standby medicine.
Then the expected hiccup start in the morning abt 9 am , without ginger with me, I took some fine sugar , let it melt in my mount slowly and manage to cure it. Hiccup came back after an hour, I think it is because I drink water too fast. No more sugar with me and therefore, I ate a small piece of chocolate and let it melt slowly in my mount, so amazing, It works. Thereafter, no more hiccup with a good control of drink and eat slowly.
Kind of tire , but, not manage to sleep well.
Next side effect worrying now is constipation, hopefully it will solve by tomorrow morning.
In general, I feel great .
Thanks God .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chemo today

Finally, back to cancer centre today for treatment with the chemo drug " Alimta " .

Everything fine and having very smooth procedure from admission to treatment .

No pain and minimum side effect until now, but, did feel kind of tire and can not sleep . If all goes well, will discharge tomorrow .

Anyway, in comparing with side effect of all the past chemo treatment, this is minimum side effect .

Now , just waiting whether tomorrow will have hiccup. For all the past treatment, always start hiccup on second day morning .

Overall , feel good .

Thanks God .


Friday, October 15, 2010

I am ready for treatment

Having very good days for the last couple of months, busy with so many things and no time to update this blog .
Well ! Will have time to update it regularly in coming weeks or months , once I start chemo treatment by next week .
Last week have my check up and scanning, as expected , water in Lung building up ( it start building up in June this year ) , but, surprise me is that my right lung already collapse, because of too much of water.
With Oncologist advise, I make appointment with chest physician on Monday , then proceed with her recommendation to drain out water from lung by an experience surgeon.
Praise the Lord, everything fall in line and have a proper and minor procedure to drain out 2 litres of water ( fluid ) , sample send for test and it take me few days to have a proper recovery .
Feel good today and ready to start chemo by next week .
Thanks God, it is by his grace that I am still breathing normal with my right lung already collapse and I am still travelling by flight to oversea last week without any problem .
God is great .
After a year of holiday from treatment, I am back with this new experience of draining out water from lung . Wow ! it looks very simple , but, when trying to get as much of water out, it is painful . What I learn is that whenever we want to stress something to maximum, there is always a price to pay. In my case, pain . hahahahaha ! Anyway, no regret, as I have experience it now and know what to do in next round .
God bless !