Sunday, June 23, 2013

HAZE , it's back , terrible , one more song to sing " Haze , Haze , Go away ! "

I hate the current weather and air condition with the HAZE getting worst day after day .

The smell of the haze is terrible and the worst is that those particles in the air is bad and affected out health, especially our lung .

Many with asthma already been affected and landed in hospital or clinic .

This situation is really bad and terrible for Lung cancer patient . To avoid or reduce risk , we should stay indoor and closed all the window .

Staying indoor with aircon 24 hours is not a good idea too, as it is not really good for our lung too, but, what to do, it is better then breath in the smelly and hazadous haze particles .

Lord , I pray for your intervention to the haze situation in Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia . Please help to get the Haze go away , Please help to speak to people who still carry out open burning and please help to guide the Government authority to find some good and immediate solution to get the Haze away .

Let's join me to sing " Haze , haze , go away ! "

Thanks all .

God Bless !

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