Friday, June 21, 2013

Pain is back ... Let's sing " Pain , Pain , Go away "

After enjoying  pain free days for the last few weeks , it's back .

Since last few days, trying my best to deal with it without using pain killer , Ultracet .

But, finally I surrender and start taking the first Ultracet tablet after rest for weeks .

Like previously, when the pain start, it always attack by evening .

Last night I feel so much better after taking Ultracet and looks like it will be daily affair.

Let's join me to sing ... " Pain , Pain , Go Away . Never come back in any other day "  cheers !

Lord , you are our healer and I pray for your healing power to continue touch upon me and heal me from cancer , all sickness , all the side effect of cancer treatment and also to take away all the pain .
Thank you Lord Jesus , Amen .

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